Junk Food really Junk?

One of my coworkers is a pretty healthy conscious person. Not health nut kind of person, but he likes to play sports, be active and eat good food. I think being around him has made me think a little more about what eat, even though he has never even mentioned a word about food. It has been some time since I ate junk food, I have been eating a home quite a bit or eating at the less greasy food places and I have noticed a huge change. Junk food now makes me sick. Whenever I eat food from one of the places that has lots of grease my stomach just kind of rejects the food. I get a bloated feeling and without energy. The first couple of times it happened I thought I was sick and considered going to the doctor, but then I started to see the pattern that every time I ate some of that food it just made me sick.

I am not sure if it is the low grade meat that some of those places use, but I am starting to get more and more grossed out by them. I think the only two places that I can stomach now are hardees and sonic… but the BK, McD`s and Wendy`s seem to be completely being rejected by my body. I have not gone to taco hell in months.

I worked at McD`s for 3 years during High School. I blame their fries and chicken nuggets for most of my weight spike. I cannot eat a lot of their fries anymore, but those nuggets are still tasty. Their burgers are what has made me feel pretty horrible when I eat them. I have not started working out as consistently as I would like, but soccer should be beginning soon and I need to get my stamina up so I can last a 90 minute match again. I should start running and with the weather cooperating that might start this week, I cannot stand running on a thread mill.

Taking junk food out of my diet should be a good thing. I just wish it was more of me being conscious about no eating anymore rather than my body literally rejecting it. I guess I should take it as a good thing. It is amazing that I can have strong will power for some things but when it comes to food I seem to be helpless. I guess that is just another area of my life that I need to buckle up for and take control of.

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  1. part of the problem is that frying food makes it more acidic than it already is. add to the fact that wheat is one of the most acidic foods you can eat, it gets pretty gross how acidic fried foods are.

    and then people wonder why they are bloated and have heart burn.

  2. I gave up junk food for Lent, and I don’t think I’ve regretted it for a second. Admittedly, I do miss my guilty pleasures, but I’ve lost weight(!) and I have so much more energy. Just for the record, I haven’t been to McD’s in over 2 years. NO regrets at all.

    By the way, hello after a long leave of absence. 😀

  3. I’m sure other people will mention the film “Super Size Me”, which was enough to put me off fast food, but for me something even harder to kick was soda.

    I was just tired of needing a sugary pick-me-up in the middle of the day, seeing as how I drink coffee as well every morning. The first week was tough, but since then it hasn’t been that bad.

  4. when i eat chocalait i fell better mentally physically my skin looks better and i have energy so why would i stop my chocalait it is making me healthier as far as i am concerned!!

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