Buscando FOLLÓN

Caption: “El calentamiento de la Tierra esta Matando Ranitas!”

So what the heck is follon? and what does it have to do with a crying baby in a frog custom. Ok, follow my train of thought…

I was listening to the following song… Lola by Pastora, the main chorus goes like this…

No me llames Dolores, llámame Lola
Don’t call me Dolores, call me Lola

La que siempre va sola por Barcelona
The one that always goes by herself through Barcelona

buscando follón.
Looking for ????.

A good friend told me that Follon was an euphemisn for sex, and even though I believed her I was always bothered by a song that would just use it if was just that… well, it sounded almost like performing the act and the way the girl says it in the song it does insinuate it. I enjoy the song quite a bit, it has the certain club beat to it that is not quite too much to listen to at chill time. So hearing the song I started to wonder again if Follon was literal or not, so google served me right and found me the definition of the word… I first translated it from Spanish to Spanish… wait, what?

I said, follow the train of thought. The song is from Spain and while they speak Spanish, it is not the same Spanish I speak persay… so I got the translation to “alboroto” or “monton.” “alboroto” means commotion and “monton” means bunch. So the song made a little more sense, she is just looking to cause some trouble 😉

I was still not satisfied with the whole thing, because I was not sure if it was used as an euphemism or not and my Spanish friends were not online… so I went to the next best source. Flickr, had to have some pictures tagged with follon… and they did. That is where I found the crying baby… only that I immediatly cracked up, the same friend had been all up and arms about Global warming… how can there not be global warming if my little frogs are dying! she had said… that is where I got the inspiration for my caption: “Global Warming is Killing Little Frogs!”

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  1. If you want advice on Global Warming, ask Gore. Apparetnly, he’s an “expert.”

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