The Riches

I have not been very enthusiastic about TV in years. Sure, I have liked a lot of shows and been glued to the TV from time to time. Must shows lose their appeal after a season, some of the best ones actually get cancelled. I remember Dark Angel going to the crapper after it seemed like the best thing on TV for a while. Then, Heroes started and I was once again glued to the TV like only cartoons used to make glued to the TV when I was a kid, or watching Batman Beyond, Justice League or Teen Titans. At first I thought that it was just because of the superhero theme, but then last week I was the riches.

I knew that Eddie Izzard was going to be in a new TV show, at first I thought it was going to be some kind of reality show. Last week flipping through channels I was that The Riches was coming on, and it said it was the pilot. After watching 10 minutes of it I was starting to get school girl excited. Eddie was not just hilarious, the supporting cast was hitting it out of the park. I was into it, I felt the fear of getting caught, did I mention they were thieves…

Something that I was not expecting happened, like the best twist and turns on Heroes… not as dramatic and with a more long lasting satisfaction feel the show started to surprise me. I am not putting heroes down in any way, but like chinese food, which I also love; you are super full at first, but then very quickly you are hungry again. Minnie Driver appeared on the screen… just skin and bones and sporting very cool corn rows. She was getting out of jail and she was married to Eddie… when I thought I could not be more surprised I found out what they were. They were gypsies… but not the ones you think about that are almost european… no hick sounding gypsies.

Interested yet? it gets better. The humor gets smarter, the story gets more complicated, the acting gets even better with every episode. I am watching the second show and I hope that Eddie gets nominated for an Emmy. I can only hope that he get so popular here that he will do a big tour of the US. For now, tune into FX and watch the Riches. You would not be disappointed. I love this line: “The American Dream, We are going to steal it.”

* Update * Thanks Andrea, totally forgot… The Riches is on Monday nights on FX 10E/9C.

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  1. I was actually very surprised. I expected the show to be one of Eddie’s hilarious gigs, but I was watching some kind of drama as well, and I liked it. The humour is dark, the plot’s interesting and it sure has a lot of to work with. I guess I’ll be following this one.

  2. Cool — I might have to set the DVR to catch the next one. Cable shows have really come into their own, since they seem to have more flexibility with their creativity than regular networks.

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