Happy Pi Day

As in 3.14159. The number is most known because of diameter and circumference, if you don’t know how to use it, well go back to Geometry. So to be a total geek, chess playing an all here are some interesting notes…

Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday E=MC²!

The symbol was used in the movie The Net as a gateway to the Praetorians! (Please add other weird tidbits about the number!)

If you saw the movie Contact or read the book by Carl Sagan you can add yourself to the group of people that might believe that Pi contains the Voice of God and that the number contains the answer to the universe. If you want to start the decrypting of it you can start here… the number with 1 mil decimals places.

So today at 1:59 celebrate!

6 comments on “Happy Pi Day

  1. Pi contains the voice of God? Hmmm… I always thought the Bible did. Just joking! :-) Happy Pi Day!

  2. I bought pie for the office today. Cherry, Apple, and Peach! Any excuse to eat for celebration is fine by me. Which is probably why I have weight issues.

  3. Actually, I would contend that music is the Voice of God but that may just be my bias.

    But I certainly believe it when I hear something like Beethoven’s 9th or Pines of Rome or several other pieces and catch a snippet of God’s Voice.

  4. The Bible is the word of God, but I don’t know if music is the voice of God. I mean, have you heard and rap lately?!?! Hahaaahahah =)

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