Penguins, Yes, No, Maybe

The news around town has concentrated on the political race, and to be honest I could not care less. I was watching a sports news show and I became really irritated. It seems that the Penguins coming to KC is a possibility again, and the moron commentator immediately went to say that it would be a mistake. He then went on to use the Predators situation as backing evidence. I get really irritated when people that have never been to Kansas City dismiss it as a little town in the middle of cowville. Before jumping into the rant I will explain the situation for those of you not familiar with hockey.

The Penguins are thinking about leaving Pittsburgh. One of the cities among the list of possibilities is Kansas City, which actually has a brand new arena being built right downtown. Along with the new arena which Sprint is offering to the Penguins rent free, comes a downtown that is going through a huge boom and a city that loves sports. The sportscaster’s point was that the Tennessee Predators, the best team in the NHL at the moment, don’t fill up their arena when playing home.

I am not sure if the newscaster has never been to Kansas City before, but this city loves sports. Take the NFL team, the KC Chiefs have some of the most die hard fans in the league. While The Royals suck, they still have people go to their games, granted, not like people go to Cubs games, but still. I think a hockey team will do just fine in Kansas City, and I hope that people stop thinking of this as a little city. While it might have a small downtown, its surrounding areas and suburbs have enough people to rival other big metropolitan areas. So, Lemieux, make up your mind and bring he Penguins here already.

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  1. You know…the Steelers and the Pirates almost bankrupted the city of Pittsburgh with their new stadiums. Lemieux has lived and worked in the city for over 20 years. If he brings the Pens to KC he gets sent to the a-hole category in my book. I’m sorry. KC doesn’t deserve the Pens.

  2. I don’t think this is about KC’s deserving a hockey team. Lemieux is looking for a better financial situation, and KC is offering a brand new and totally rent free arena. Unfortunately money moves the world, so this will have nothing to do with which town deserves the team better.

    I for one think it’s very cool to live in a town with a local pro hockey team, you will enjoy it. I was in Montreal for 6 years, and I got to see the Canadiens play a few times… It was awesome! If only I could move to Denver to see my Avalanche play one day… hah! 😉

  3. Ay Pol! Cómo se te ocurre decir que el hockey es aburrido??? Si le pones cuidado, las reglas son como en el fútbol. Y es mucho más rápido. A mí me encanta! :)

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