I have played ever since my maternal Grandfather taught me how to play when I was very young. During high school back in Colombia, I had the chance to play with one of the best players in the whole country that actually went to my school. I am not sure what Mr. Orozco is doing now. I also used to play almost every lunch period for probably about a year with my best friend Nitoxxx.

After I moved to the US, I did not play much until college. I am not a great player. I am probably not beyond a beginner level, but I still love to play. About a couple of years ago I started to play online at a site called, and for a good year I played several games at a time. The site is dedicated to very slow turn based chess, but I did get to learn a lot from playing there.

Where I am working now, there seem to be a lot of chess players, and I am very excited. I have only had the chance to play with one of them, but I am glad to know that he can beat me. Chess is a game where the thrill is to play with someone that you initially cannot beat, at least for me it is.

I cannot think of any other game that I have played throughout my whole life like this one and still enjoy. I also enjoy GO quite a bit, but it is not a game I grew up with. So what are some of the games that you played as a child, maybe with your family that you still play?

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  1. I very much enjoy the game of chess — UNfortunately I’m really not that good at it! I keep trying though! Mostly I’m just fascinated with chess sets! I have pictures of one that I saw in a museum the other day on my blog! (it’s the 2nd post down if you stop by today!) It’s kind of a long post – but the chess set is at the bottom of it! You might enjoy it….

  2. Check and Mate, my friend. I didn’t know you played! I’d have loved to play with you bro. We’ll have to make the opportunity to put down the video game controllers next time and break out the chess board.

  3. I don’t know if this follows the same idea, but I never seem to tire of playing Monopoly. I haven’t learned how to play chess yet.

  4. I never knew that you played chess either! We would have played for sure. I always seemed to play against people I couldn’t beat. My grandfather and many different uncles.

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