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Watching Clerks for the 10th time I started to think about how many people watch “cult” classics just to be cool. I certainly enjoy Clerks very much, especially the line “Don’t suck any d!ck on your way through the parking lot!” However I do wonder how many people have found no humor in a movie that is certainly not for everyone but still acted like it was great just because so many other people think its cool.

The pursuit of cool at this level is truly harmless, you might have to sit through something you might consider boring or pointless because all of your friends think its great. Recently Napoleon Dymanite was another indie film that caused Jon Heder to become a comedy star. I am sure that the movie does not appeal to everyone, but since it was the cool thing, plenty of people started to use the sayings as well a buying the “Vote for Pedro” shirt. Even though I was one of the people that wanted one of those shirts, I did not do it to be cool.

I do not try to impress people, however, I do like making people laugh. I enjoy when I come up with a good joke or someone laughs at one of my off the wall analogies. My favorite lately, and I hope it is original, “More complicated than chinese alphabet soup.”

The pursuit of cool can take a life. I am serious. In the motorcycle world this is a harsh reality. People when riding in groups try to keep up, and most of the time the unexperienced riders are the ones that pay the price while trying to keep up and be cool. It could be riding fast, riding drunk or just riding stupid, but many pay the price. As weather starts to get nicer, more and more people are going to get motorcycles. Some new ones, some for the first time and I want to really start talking about safety.

Some people might think right now, I don’t ever want to ride a bike, why should I care. Well, you do share the road with them and making you aware that they are going to be out there is important. For those people that see a bike coming, the first thing is not to panic, even if the guy is coming at you at a high speed. Do not change lanes, do not make any sudden movements and most importantly do not slam your breaks. While in a moment of road rage you might think running a guy of the road is cool, the reality is that you might end up taking someone’s life.

Going back to the original idea of the post, all I can say is don’t try to be cool, just be yourself. As cliche as that sounds it is one of the most important statments when it comes to personality. Now, for the how do I do that? It can be very simple. If you feel like you are doing something that is not for yourself but for others, just analize that decision… while it is important to compromise with others, it is also important to know that you life for yourself and not for others.

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  1. LOL! Well — I love your “chinese alphabet soup” — and I don’t know if it’s original or not — won’t matter soon though because now you’ve printed it – it will get around! 😉

    Being cool really was NEVER on my top ten list…. even in High School… I was the one who said NO to drugs! Oh … remember me? LOL! I think that’s what I was noted for in our yearbooks!

    As for the movies — I don’t like them – because I don’t LIKE them. I rarely find “off color” or “raunchy” humor to be funny. Although I am going to see Ron White this week — and I think HE is hysterical!!!

  2. Never considered being cool a priority in my life. As long as I was having fun that’s all that mattered. I like what I like and I have friends that like other things. I don’t conform to a crowd because they are in the now. I hope to teach my children the same as they grow.

  3. Well, of course, I’m the “odd man out” on this topic.

    I don’t think cool has anything to do with who you are or what you do but who other people think you are. Cool is something people get called by others. Many times being cool has nothing to do with conforming. For instance, Fonzie of Happy Days. He was definitely not a conformist and everyone thought he was cool. True, it was a sitcom but art imitates life.

    I’ve never thought I was cool. However, my nieces and grand nieces have always said I was the “cool aunt”. It doesn’t mean other people think I’m cool and certainly doesn’t mean I think I’m cool. Cool is something different to different people. Like beauty, cool is in the eye of the beholder.

    The Chinese alphabet analogy is pretty amusing. I’ve never heard it before but I can see it catching fire.

    And, by the way Logtar … I think you’re cool and I always have.


  4. I love Kevin Smith movies. I actually watched my first one when I was just browsing the TV channels once, and I got hooked. But that’s not the issue here, right?

    I never do things because everyone does them. In fact, I remember my college friends teasing me because I wasn’t a Star Wars junkie, and I had no idea who the hell Chewbacca was.

    Same thing goes with attractions parks. People love them, I hate them. I don’t like rollercoasters or any other kind of stuff that makes me feel nauseous. I’ve seen more than one person endure the suffering just to fit among their friends. No, thanks. You have to like me just the way I am. :-)

  5. I’ve never been one of those people that liked things or did things, just for the sake of fitting in (standard protocols and etiquette aside). I hated Napolean Dynamite, but I thought Clerks was pretty good (not sure I could watch it 10x though:)

  6. to be cool? I personally don’t understand that concept. I HATED all of the Kevin smith movies I have seen thus far (except dogma – chris rock really made that one float). I cannot imagine on what planet 2 dope smoking, foul mouthed, retarded social rejects are considered cool. I knew a guy like Jay when I was in high school, he was cool then – IN HIGH SCHOOL. Now he does oil changes at the local jiffy lube. I personally would like to see more movies where the main characters are not the dregs of society.
    All that being said. I have not seen clerks 1 or clerks 2 and I ain’t gonna.

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