Life or death information just ahead

I am so tired of the nightly news holding back information, especially when they start scaring you early in the morning. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but come on, how scared do they want us to be?

They always use a trick that will hit you where it hurts, either kids, the elderly or like today, your pet. The teaser begins showing a beautiful Golden retriever, playing with children and ends with a dog that is so sick that you cannot quite tell what it is. This is at 7:00 A.M. in the morning and they are not going to tell you what it is that is going to kill your dog until 9:00 P.M. I am sorry, but if you are really trying to help me, why are you waiting all day for my poor puppy to die.

I understand, they are trying to get people to watch their T.V. show but I feel there is a lack of responsibility when you scare the crap out of people so that they can watch your show. When are they going to stop relying on scare tactics and actually produce a show that I am going to want to watch because of the great investigations that you show.

Recently we had a big fire here in KC. The coverage was horrible. They relied solely on pictures from their helicopter and repeated the same information over and over. I knew that officials had not released any statements, it takes time to asses a situation and give official word, but I found more tons of by using google than the producers of the show. It is a shame that even though they stopped regular programming and watching a chemical fire on T.V. was kind of amazing, there was no meat to the reporting.

In the information age, the regular news are suffering greatly. I like to watch the news for traffic reports and the weather. The national news are better served through the blogsphere, the international news I get from papers from all over the world. If the local T.V. news continue to get me to try to watch my scaring me, the only thing they are going to accomplish is to completely make me push the off button and fire up the computer for my news needs.

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  1. Local news here is actually pretty decent so I try to watch it every day. You’re right though…teasers are all about fear and the negative because unfortunately that’s what gets people to watch.

  2. Teasers are about ratings. Try not to read into it any further than that.

  3. Ahahahaha! I’ve been laughing about these with one of my coworkers for a long time now. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I really started noticing these ridiculous teasers. I’ve actually been keeping track!

    Here’s some of my all-time favorites (most of which come from First Coast News):

    “Could your tap water be dangerous? One community on the First Coast found out first-hand just how dangerous it can be. Tonight at 10!” (teaser shown *all day*–hope you’re not thirsty or need to do dishes!)

    “Are school bus drivers drinking on the job? One outraged parent wants to take at least one driver off the road. More in the morning!” (Note: Hope your kid’s bus route is late that day!)

    “Sex offenders… In your neighborhood? Tonight at 10!” (this one repeats at least once a month in various forms–a staple teaser!)

    ” issued a *MAJOR* safety recall due to recent DEATHS because of their product. Find out more at 10.” (Hope its not the TV!)

    These are off the top of my head so they’re probably not 100% word-for-word accurate, but that first one is pretty close I think. There’s a bunch on YouTube as well. This one is classic:

    “I refuse to believe in creationism because when you blame a supreme being for creationists you’re giving up on human evolution.”

  4. Anything truly important will get a live breaking news announcement and interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.

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