Go Chicago Bears!

A Bears fan is like no other fan. The monsters of the Midway are a lot more of a football team, they represent what the city of Chicago is all about. Hard work, CAN DO attitude… the second city (which has nothing to do with being second to any other city, but with the city coming back stronger after the Chicago fire.) is the city I call my hometime in the United States and being an Chicago Bear fan is something I am very proud of. No it is not just that today they are playing in Super Bowl XLI, or that they are an excellent football team… they have been my team since I started following American Football and represent the city I love, and what they represent is exactly what I believe, that hard work will take you very far.

Grossman, Benson, Hester, Jones, Moose, Tillman, Garcia and Urlacher are going to win this game! GO BEARS!

4 comments on “Go Chicago Bears!

  1. Yo voy a apoyar a los Bears hoy. Ya que no sé por qué, pero los Colts no me caen bien.
    Go Bears!

  2. Grossman disappointed me big time. I’m sorry they didn’t make it, but hey… Urlacher was awesome!

  3. There is always next year. I’m also a Cubs fan, so I’m used to disappointment. I shall remain loyal because that’s what true fans do.

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