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Barry posted an excellent entry about instant communication. He asked the following questions about e-mail:

What is your email etiquette?
At work, I try to keep my e-mails as professional as possible. Once in a while I will have a somewhat informal conversation with a coworker, but if they become a friend I try to switch my communication with them to my personal e-mail. On personal e-mail I tend to write long e-mail responses and also try to respond to every e-mail I do not consider spam. I also consider spam chain mail and surveys unless they are my space stuff… I am not sure why but the medium there allows for a little more informal stuff.

How many email accounts do you use regularly?
I use 4 regularly. One for work (and only for work e-mail), one for serious professional communication, one for my friends and blog buddies, and an old one for pretty much everything else (registration on sites, auto e-mails from message boards and my site.)

How quickly do you check it? How quickly do you respond?
My work e-mail stays open at work and gets checked once a night almost every day. The rest are probably checked about 4 times a day.

Do you handle work emails and personal emails differently?
Yes, I try to write in a professional tone and be as prompt responding as possible to work e-mail. The other e-mails are secondary to other tasks, kind of if I have a chance I will check them… sometimes I do not check e-mail over weekend.

I used to be very addicted to the instant communication that e-mail provides. I used to be even more addicted to instant messaging. I have stopped both of those because they took too much of my time and attention not just to work but just to life in general. Anything done in excess I believe becomes a habit and at times a bad habit. Must of my friends have my cell phone number and if they need to get a hold of me right away they have that to talk to me. I have also realized that a phone conversation carries information and feelings better than e-mail.

I believe in having more than one e-mail address and separating e-mails by importance. I wrote about it on my password entry and I think that you should guard your e-mail by changing passwords constantly and using good passwords. Professionally I think that e-mail is a great place to keep track of tasks and communicate understanding after a meeting or a conversation with a coworker. E-mail trail is very important and it helps me remember what I was doing on what day. I now prefer my cell phone as my most instant way to communicate.

6 comments on “E-mail addresses

  1. I have two major email addresses I use and I think it’s good to keep work and personal separate.

  2. Thanks for the linkage and commentary.

    I haven’t changed my passwords in years…with so many accounts I’m simply afraid I’m going to forget a password someday and that’ll be it for that account.

    What are the odds someone’s going to break into your email account just by guessing the password (rather than hacking into it by other means)?

  3. I have my e-mail addresses organized kinda like yours. One for school, one for family and friends, one for “serious” stuff (like notices from the government, etc.), and finally one for junk and subscriptions.

    I used to be good at replying e-mails, but these days I just don’t feel like replying forwards and chain letters. That’s all I get, ugh!

  4. I’ve become a bit of a procrastinator and slob when it comes to email but I’m kinda anal when it comes to email so saying that probably doesn’t mean much.

    Anyway, I’ve got 2 addresses for work (slowly migrating to just one – the new one)
    I’ve got several for personal – don’t even know how many… like 6? but most forward to one location. the other two are yahoo and gmail neither of which i check regularly. Those I use when I really rather not have had to give an address in the first place.

    etiquette? short and sweet and to the point at work. no superfluous verbage. I learned soon after starting this job that the more words you use, the less u get accross.

    I think I have done the short and sweet so long that it has become the way i answer even my personal. I quite like to get the point AND BE CLEAR with as little words as possible.

  5. oh! and I rarely delete any email. I keep everything so I now have 6+ years worth of email archived at work. about 10 years of personal email too. See how anal some people can be? lol

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