Happy Job

“The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.”
Fran├žoise Bertaut de Motteville

Happiness is one of the strongest themes in my blog along with respect. The pursuit of happiness is one of the main goals of my life, however learning what that really means has taken me down many roads that are just not the best. I have said this many times, but I don’t think it can be said enough… Happiness comes from within, you can only make yourself happy, no one else can.

This quote by Fran├žoise is a very wise one and I was reminded of the idea while watching Clerks II. You have to love what you do at your job or you will be wasting a big chunk of your life. Why does it sound so irrelevant in our day and age? Partly because I know that there are so many people in our society that work solely as a means to an end… that end many times being just their next meal.

It makes me really wonder if humanity has advanced at all during the 21st century. Sure we now have iPods and TiVo, but how many people are really following their true passions or using their capabilities rather than chasing the money train? How much more productive as a society would we be if the emphasis was in talent and aptitude rather than how much you can earn.

While I am very thankful about the education I received, I believe our system is flawed. Instead of finding what a kid can do well, we try to fit everyone into the same square peg. We kill potential by standardizing classes to the point that you are teaching only to the average of the class’ speed. Sure there are accelerated classes for “bright” kids, but what about those with artistic talents, not just the ones that are good at reading or math.

Fast forward to the time when you have to actually join the work force. I have seen it again and again, people getting into a field because it seems to be the most lucrative but it has nothing to do with what they are passionate about. Is our society just doomed to become stagnant when it comes to innovation and new ideas? Is our future going to allow just some to reach their potential instead of the potential in all of us?

Thinking back, one of the jobs where I had the must fun was in fast food. I actually looked forward to going and flipping burgers all day. I worked with people from school and the environment was one of hard work, fun and just pride on what we did. While it is still early, my current job seems to be one that will feel the same way. I still look forward to coming to work every morning and I hope that feeling continues.

Have to be cool

Watching Clerks for the 10th time I started to think about how many people watch “cult” classics just to be cool. I certainly enjoy Clerks very much, especially the line “Don’t suck any d!ck on your way through the parking lot!” However I do wonder how many people have found no humor in a movie that is certainly not for everyone but still acted like it was great just because so many other people think its cool.

The pursuit of cool at this level is truly harmless, you might have to sit through something you might consider boring or pointless because all of your friends think its great. Recently Napoleon Dymanite was another indie film that caused Jon Heder to become a comedy star. I am sure that the movie does not appeal to everyone, but since it was the cool thing, plenty of people started to use the sayings as well a buying the “Vote for Pedro” shirt. Even though I was one of the people that wanted one of those shirts, I did not do it to be cool.

I do not try to impress people, however, I do like making people laugh. I enjoy when I come up with a good joke or someone laughs at one of my off the wall analogies. My favorite lately, and I hope it is original, “More complicated than chinese alphabet soup.”

The pursuit of cool can take a life. I am serious. In the motorcycle world this is a harsh reality. People when riding in groups try to keep up, and most of the time the unexperienced riders are the ones that pay the price while trying to keep up and be cool. It could be riding fast, riding drunk or just riding stupid, but many pay the price. As weather starts to get nicer, more and more people are going to get motorcycles. Some new ones, some for the first time and I want to really start talking about safety.

Some people might think right now, I don’t ever want to ride a bike, why should I care. Well, you do share the road with them and making you aware that they are going to be out there is important. For those people that see a bike coming, the first thing is not to panic, even if the guy is coming at you at a high speed. Do not change lanes, do not make any sudden movements and most importantly do not slam your breaks. While in a moment of road rage you might think running a guy of the road is cool, the reality is that you might end up taking someone’s life.

Going back to the original idea of the post, all I can say is don’t try to be cool, just be yourself. As cliche as that sounds it is one of the most important statments when it comes to personality. Now, for the how do I do that? It can be very simple. If you feel like you are doing something that is not for yourself but for others, just analize that decision… while it is important to compromise with others, it is also important to know that you life for yourself and not for others.

Fridays Feast 132, and I am first!

I don`t think I have ever been first to post a Fridays Feast, but hey it is kind of cool.

Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?
I am freaking full of them… choose one, choose one… I guess the least noticeable, but must meaningful to me, is right next to my left eye. I fell off the bed and hit the nightstand. My Grandfather, who was a trained nurse but had the hands and skill of a surgeon when suturing, closed me up and I don`t have a very noticeable scar.

What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?
Me being alive is a miracle because of several events in my life that have been close calls. The worse one involved a shooting and me being very young, but being clever enough to take my sister away from danger and hide her.

Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.
Ah, so many annoying people, so little time to rip them apart… but since my promise for lent was not to talk trash about people I will talk about how Simon from American Idol has actually grown on me. He is brutally honest and I am beginning to agree with his view on the contestants.

Main Course
What was a funny word you said as a child (such as “pasketti” for “spaghetti”)?
I was the first grandchild in my Dad`s side of the family. With a lot of family around growing up, I had people just wanting to pick me up all the time. People would always say “dejalo” which means leave him alone… well, that was one of the first words I wanted to say, it is just that I did not say leave me alone, but just repeated, leave him alone.


Fill in the blank: I have always thought ______ was ______.
I have always thought that chicken of the sea was canned mermaid, tasty canned mermaid.

*Disclaymer* I do know what chicken of the sea is, and I was smart enough to realize that it being right next to bumblebee tuna and starkist tuna, it contained a tasty gift from the sea. I do not condone the killing of mythical creatures, even if they are tasty. This statment includes fairies, unicorns, hobbits and the like. Also the mention of unicorns is not a jab at the French for eating horse; the French are just, well, French. The answer to the feast and disclaimer was only meant for entertainment purposes.

Life or death information just ahead

I am so tired of the nightly news holding back information, especially when they start scaring you early in the morning. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but come on, how scared do they want us to be?

They always use a trick that will hit you where it hurts, either kids, the elderly or like today, your pet. The teaser begins showing a beautiful Golden retriever, playing with children and ends with a dog that is so sick that you cannot quite tell what it is. This is at 7:00 A.M. in the morning and they are not going to tell you what it is that is going to kill your dog until 9:00 P.M. I am sorry, but if you are really trying to help me, why are you waiting all day for my poor puppy to die.

I understand, they are trying to get people to watch their T.V. show but I feel there is a lack of responsibility when you scare the crap out of people so that they can watch your show. When are they going to stop relying on scare tactics and actually produce a show that I am going to want to watch because of the great investigations that you show.

Recently we had a big fire here in KC. The coverage was horrible. They relied solely on pictures from their helicopter and repeated the same information over and over. I knew that officials had not released any statements, it takes time to asses a situation and give official word, but I found more tons of by using google than the producers of the show. It is a shame that even though they stopped regular programming and watching a chemical fire on T.V. was kind of amazing, there was no meat to the reporting.

In the information age, the regular news are suffering greatly. I like to watch the news for traffic reports and the weather. The national news are better served through the blogsphere, the international news I get from papers from all over the world. If the local T.V. news continue to get me to try to watch my scaring me, the only thing they are going to accomplish is to completely make me push the off button and fire up the computer for my news needs.