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Tomorrow I will be starting a new job. Even though I have a lot to say about why I left my last job I rather not talk about all the negativity… in a nutshell what was promised was not delivered and I was left with only one choice, to look for another job.

It was stressful to know that I needed to get a new job and I had not planned for it. I should have started looking months ago because for a while I had the feeling I should. I should have trusted my insticts. I stayed committed to a place that was not committed to me. The situations that were internal to the place I cannot discuss here. The personals situations that made my life at work harder I will not discuss in detail, but I do want to record them here for the future. For the first time my personal life was affected by my professional life. I also trusted the wrong people with my opinions and well, once words came out of your mouth they are free to be twisted or misinterpreted.

I had to learn two hard lessons. The first was that no matter how good of a professional you are, without a safe heaven to recharge your mind you are eventually going to hit your limit. The second was that you are “the master of what you keep, and the slave of what you say.”

I am moving away from the consulting world to go back to being an internal resource. This has always been a better situation for me. With consulting I have always loved the work and the clients, but for some reason the consulting firms do not seem to have everything under control or the bottom line is part of their mission statement. There is nothing wrong with wanting to money, but I think the client or product should be the first priority and not bottom line. I think when the priorities are set right, success is a given.

The title of this post means a lot. I am glad to say that the storm is over and a new light is shinning through the stormy clouds that are giving way to a clear sky. I was lucky enough that the same day that I started looking I was contacted by someone that needed someone with my experience. I was also lucky enough to have over six different opportunities come together in just a week, but the first person I talked to had the right opportunity for me.

I am happy because for the first time I have the feeling that I have found a company that will be a place I can stay at for a long career. So many times I have had that dream, that expectation, but deep inside I knew that it was almost an unrealistic goal. My life has changed a lot in the past six months and I have started to feel something that I knew I could feel but was not able to do before. I am able to trust. I always thought that doubt was part of every situation, but now I am learning that in the right environment and situations doubt is not a factor. I think it is mostly because I have a new found self confidence different from the one I had before. I truly trust myself. It might have a lot to do with how much closer I feel to God now, I have been praying for internal peace and it seems that I have been granted just that.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad for you, John. I know life hasn’t been easy lately, and that you have found yourself having to make a lot of important decisions in a short period of time. But what you say about being closer to God now is probably the key to things getting better for you. Faith is what keeps us going.

    I wish nothing but the best in your new job. I’m happy that you wrote that little quote on being wise about the things you tell others. Playing it smart at any work environment will always take you far.

    Good luck in your first day of work tomorrow! 😉

  2. Hah! Your description of consulting firms is dead-on. Most consulting firms primary focus isn’t on being professional, satisfying the customer, or even doing a good job. It is all about satisfying big partner companies (or internal subdivisions or other owned companies if they’re big enough) and repeat business.

    I’m currently working at a consulting firm and I’ve also worked with consultants at *several* big-name firms and I can say with confidence that they all have one thing in common: They don’t really give a damn about their consultants.

    Consulting companies all seem to suffer from the same idiotic mindset: Consultants are all replaceable instantly with other consultants and any consultant can be instantly adapted to fit a client’s needs (no matter how specific).

    That mentality could work if all your consultants have the same skill set (i.e. MCSE generalists), but that won’t stop them from taking that idea and applying it to specialists (say, an Oracle expert). The dark secret of consultancies is that they only grow with the economy (almost 100% organic) so they often try to get around this problem by cutting people that don’t work as much (specialists). This creates a vacuum of knowledge in short time so when a client finally does come around needing an expensive specialist, they’ll try to hire one really fast and then they’ll dump them just as fast as the job is done.

    Every time they do that they burn bridges. Sooner or later consultancies run out of local (or even national) candidates and start hiring H1Bs (it never fails, they all do it) who end up being corporate slaves (held hostage–they’ll be sent back to India/wherever if they don;t perform). There’s a HUGE turnover rate.

    What happens to all those jaded consultants? They either start their own consultancies–repeating the cycle–or they go to work as full-time employees at regular companies… Who are starting to follow the consultancy model more & more lately (i.e. hiring full-time employees with the expectation that they could be dumped at a moment’s notice to make a quarter look better).

    These business practices are unsustainable (and unethical) and it eventually comes around to hurt businesses–and the economy–in the long run. They very well know this, but CEOs, VPs, managers, etc, are hired & fired based only on the performance of the last quarter (or if they’re lucky, the last year) so they never look that far ahead. It is all about TODAY, not TOMORROW!

    It hurts the people in the middle class the most. If your business’s only purpose is to increase profits, your business is unnecessary and will eventually be expelled from the bowels of the economy like the excrement that it is. Businesses exist to serve the people, not the other way around.

    “I have a license to kill -9”

  3. Congratulations Logtar and have a great first day on the new job. Career changes can be a stressful time so I hope that the family is doing well.

  4. Hmmmmm, I don’t think you were “lucky” to have this offer come to you just when you needed it =)

  5. It appears that things are falling into place and I couldn’t be happier. You deserve respect, committment, trust, and understanding from all those around you. Congratulations on all your recent rewards in life!

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