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Watching an Indian film I started to think of how when I watch a movie from Colombia or Latin America there are so many details that some other people might not discover or might be able to get. One of the characters in the movie ate flowers constantly and I am not sure if it had something to do with the message, or if the colors had other meanings.

The director is a story teller and with images he not only tells a story but describes a world. That world has many details that at times are missed. The Wachowski brothers in The Matrix introduced many numbers that had meaning to them and also had religious or sci-fi meaning, in Hero Yimou Zhang used colors to show very different sides to a story. Every director uses different elements to tell a story and sometimes we miss the ones that are culture specific.

Religious imagery is very important to a lot of films, but what if you are not familiar with that religion? are you missing something that would maybe tell a deeper story?

Director commentary is a great new feature of DVD`s but how many people actually watch a movie with the director talking through the movie? I have only done it a couple of times and it was a movie that I truly loved.

At times I believe that directors are overshadowed by the actors, and even though we think that a great movie director is someone that has commercial success, I believe that being a great story teller is more important. I am not the movie buff that I would want to be, but I do appreciate the art behind what it is movie making.

I want to encourage people out there to go the extra mile and look up the details that they might not understand in a movie, it might truly enhance your movie watching experience.

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  1. I’ve often wondered how much I’ve “missed” that a director was trying to say in his technique. I saw the movie Hollywoodland and while I noticed that he shot the two characters differently, I coudln’t tell what it was. He was there for the Seattle premiere and explained that he shot the George Reeves character as if we were always looking at him through something — a window, a doorway, like a voyeur since the story was about whether he really committed suicide or not.

    A friend of mine that was raised Muslim explained that it was hardf or her to “get” The Passion of the Christ because she didn’t realize the historical importance of any of the characters involved.

  2. Oh, is the movie Monsoon Wedding with the guy eating Marigolds? I loved it. I know what you mean about looking at other things presented by the movie, for example the love story of the characters that aren’t principal.

    I like the kind of movie that gives you something extra. Or the kind of movie with different stories related to each other, kinda like Love Actually.

  3. I enjoy a good commentary, though I think it’s more interesting to have a person from in front of the camera and someone behind the camera on the commentary. Directors can be very dry and technical while actors can sometimes descend into the “it was go great to work with __________”

    That said, film is more about directors I’d say than actors. The best ones are, for the most part. The director is the one person who has the most creative control over the film. He or she is usually the first blamed for failure but last praised for success.

  4. It’s not just the actors or the directors. Why do you think when the actors win an award for that role they thank so many people that made the movie possible? You also have to give credit to the writers. It’s their imaginations that create such fantasies for our viewing pleasure. After watching movies in school told to look for certain colors and forshadowing I don’t know if it has corrupted my movie going or enhanced it. Sometimes I get a better understanding, other times I can predict the next move the movie is going to make so I’m no longer in anticipation. I guess the director is really good if they are really suttle with the flow of the movie.

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