Midwest Superbowl

I am a sports fan, but the Bears are making me a fanatic. Winning against the Saints yesterday, the NFL cinderella story, was excellente. I believe that sports have a lot to do with momentum and the Bears were able to finish the game yesterday beating one of the best offenses in the NFL.

There are so many stories around the superbowl now, two african american coaches, two midwestern teams, but the important thing for me is that the Bears have a shot at winning it all after 21 years.

Rex did his job and at least to me he looked like he does not have to start hot to do his job. The run game also worked and even though the defense won this game, the offense did what they needed to do for the Bears to become the NFC champions.

For the first time since I moved to the US I am going to watch the superbowl and not just because of the commercials. Also the Colts made it and I was happy for them. So unless you are from Indiana, or even if you are from Indiana, you should become a Bears fan for the superbowl!

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  1. I was kind of hoping for the rematch of two decades, but at least this way I know the Bears will win. Brian Urlacher deserves a Superbowl ring after sticking with Chicago for so long. GO BEARS!

  2. Wait… No pucks or sticks? Hmmm… I don’t know, it isn’t Hockey. You will have to convince me to become a Bears fan. 😉

  3. Gotta say, sice my Bucs let me down (again) this year, I’ve been rooting for ‘da Bears the rest of the season.

    There’s something very nostalgic, old school and underdog-ish about them. Even though their quarterback is a pathetic athlete, I hope their Defence and Kicker can continue to carry them through to be the Super Bowl champs.

  4. You see, Daniel… The AV’s sucked this season and they’re almost last in their group, but I’m still NOT rooting for another team. That, my friend, is being faithful. LOL

  5. I wasn’t rooting for anyone but my team until my team failed to make any progress with their 4-12 record this season.

    It wasn’t until AFTER my team was out of the running that I decided I was rooting for the Bears to make it.

    Having a contingency team doesn’t make you less loyal to your team. So THERE!

  6. If my team doesn’t make the playoffs (like the Cubs) then I root for the team to lay waste to the teams I don’t like (Cardinals).

  7. Daniel is too serious and I don’t want to play anymore. :-( LOL — I hope you realize I was kidding.

    And sorry for hijacking this post to bug your readers, John! 😉

  8. Unless the Steelers are playing I tend to not care. Not even a good halftime show this year for me :(

    Happy Hump Day!

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