Feeling MUCH better!

Thanks for all the get well wishes! Maybe that is what actually got me better. I cannot believe I got better this quick, I truly thought I was going to have to go to a hospital, but I pulled through. I seriously did have a lot of people actually worried for me and maybe the remote “taking care” of me is what got me through. In any case, I want to thank the people that care for me for pulling me through this one.

I don’t get sick all that often, but I am a total baby when I get really sick. I have heard that most men are. I still go to work while I am really sick, but this time I truly question that decision not just by me but the people in my office that got me sick. In today’s world of being able to work remotely, I think it is a bad decision to bring bugs into the office when people can stay home until they get better. Also, the whole sick day policy at times is very inadequate, but that is a whole other post.

Talking to people while being sick I realized that there was something going on this past week. Almost everyone I talked to regardless of geographical location was or knew someone close that was sick with some form of cold or flu.

Of my last travel, I only wish I could blog about it… I have so much to day but travel related trips I guess don’t get blogged about… If you are sick, I hope you too get better.

2 comments on “Feeling MUCH better!

  1. I’m one of those people that refuse to take time off if sick. I load myself with medication and head into work. I’m slowly building a pharmacy in my drawer at my desk to share with others if needed.

  2. What is it about men being babies when they are sick? I am a mother of (soon to be) 4. When I am sick, I am still up taking care of kids, house, cooking and working full time (remotely). We aren’t allowed to be sick. LOL!
    Glad you are feeling better! I work remotely full-time, regardless of whether I am sick or not. I think it is a benefit to both the employer and the employee. Telecommuters take less time off. When I had the chicken pox last year (for the first time) I took 2 days off of work. If I had worked in the office it would have been 2 weeks due to being contagious.

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