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Right now I just want to be home. Why haven’t they invented a teleporting machine yet… I would be almost willing to risk the whole fly thing. Before I would have been excited to be blogging from an airport but right now I just want to be home. Traveling when you are sick is even worse. 102+ F fever is something that I have only experienced once before and man it just messes with your bodies’ ability to function. I have to remember that beer does not necessarily hydrate you.

I used to love to travel, but I have traveled so much in the past couple of months that I just want to spend an extended period of time home. I have been in so many planes that I almost feel like telling the flight attendant to take a break and I will do the in flight announcement. I also need to get another book because it seems like the world is flat just keeps on putting me to sleep in the plane and I think I have read the same chapter more than a couple of times.

Then we have the series of passengers that are just freaking annoying. The first class blazer wearing traveler with the “I think I have more money than God has patience” attitude, I love when I get to sit right next to one of them that end up reeking of alcohol and just make the whole trip unpleasant. The only good thing about first class is that you can actually have your bubble respected and there is no armrest fighting. When I am not in first class I try to at least get a sit towards the front, it seems to me like the ride feels a little less bumpy, but today I got to sit all the way in the back (I have not done that in years) and it was actually a good experience. I did not have anyone sit right next to me and it was great.

I think in my life as an air traveler I have only had two good people that I sat next to. One was a firefighter and the other one was someone that slept the whole way. The rest have always made me uncomfortable on one way or another. If they are reading something my curiosity always gets the best of me and I have to glance making me feel like I am invading the privacy. If they want to talk, must of the time the conversation is either not interesting or way to personal. My stomach is not feeling all that great so I am not even going to get into the different odors that I had to endure before.

At least I have gotten to see some interesting places, but with most of the travel being work related I just long for a whole month of just being home. Thank God that winter has not really hit yet or it would have not been pretty. Sleeping in an airport is not a something that you can actually put in your resume.

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  1. Ewww with the odor thingy. I’ve had my share of weird flight companions, but I’ll never forget a guy who was freaking drunk on a flight from Bogotá to Cali. I wanted to cry. I get nice people sitting next to me most of the time, though.

    I’m sorry you’re sick! Maybe you passed some of your germs to your flight neighbours… Fun! LOL :)

  2. I finally managed to catch up to your entries John. I’ve been quite busy with my new blog and all. Anyhow, I thought they were really good entries, and I’m excited to see what you write for the rest of the year. Kudos!

  3. Being a huge chicken, I’ve never been on a plane in my life.

    BTW I added you to my blogroll.

    Happy Monday :)

  4. Thankfully I haven’t done a whole lot of lengthy flights and the ones I have done have been uneventful.

    Going to Brazil this past summer, the worst part of the 9 hour flight was having my daughter sprawled across my lap sleeping and the entire left side of my body going numb!!

  5. I have had limited experiences on planes and they have all been relatively pleasant. My mother sat next to me every time so I didn’t have so sit near strangers. I was only 16 at the time so I would have freaked out if I had to sit next to someone I didn’t know. When you add illness to that, i can see why you would want to lock yourself in your house for a week. When you get home, treat yourself to some home cooking and drink water, not beer.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear that all of the traveling is getting to you but hang in there!

  7. You are so right. Traveling ceases to be fun when it becomes a part of your everyday life. I traveled so much most of my life that I am sick of it.

    Hope you get feeling better soon.

    I hate being sick. I just got over pneumonia that I caught while moving. That is why I haven’t been around in a while.

    Anyways get well quick, mi amigo.

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