I consider myself a pretty good dancer. I love to dance, but believe it or not I did not learn how to dance until I moved to the US. When I was younger I learned how to dance to Merengue, but that is a pretty basic dance. I also did a lot of dancing to club music but it was not until my Mom started teaching me how to dance at holiday parties that I truly started to learn Salsa which is what I think I can do best now.

I saw my little cousins this holiday dancing with my Mom and it reminded me of how I learned from her. My Mom and one of my uncles are excellent dancers, moving through the floor with easy and precision. I am not up to their level, but I hope someday to be able to look as cool and natural as they do when they dance.

Cali, the city I was born in Colombia is known for its party atmosphere. Every December the city transforms into the Salsa capital of the world. There are many good dancers there and I am sure they are way better than anything I have seen here in the US. I really hope to spend my next Christmas vacation in Colombia so that I can party there like I have never done before.

From ballroom dancing to the samba street dancing in Rio de Janeiro, dance is an expression of culture. It is a form of art that a lot more people should use to express themselves. So many emotions can be expressed through dance and I feel that people don’t embrace it here in the US as much as they maybe do in other countries. I know there are a lot of dancers here in the US and dance, but I am talking about the average American being really passionate about dancing. Maybe I need to go to the south and see how line dancing is a part of life down there. I know that a lot of people in the northern states see dance as something you do in clubs and are amazed to find out that every new years at my family’s party there is dancing going on.

A lot of protestant Christian churches frown upon dancing. We have all seen foot lose I hope. It is a reality for a lot of people in many places in a America to see dancing not as a form of art but a gateway to evil. That and the prohibition of secular music has been one of the hardest things for me to swallow when it comes to that flavor of Christianity.

The word party is not a synonymous of dancing for many Americans. When I hear the word party, I think of dancing. Nothing wrong with a simple dinner party and just conversation and drinks, but believe me once you have experienced a party where you can dance all night long it will be hard for you to not want to be a part of it every opportunity you have.

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8 comments on “Dancing

  1. My mom was big into Disco & Funk music growing up so I recall a lot of times in our living room she’d put a Commadores album on the record player and teach me the two-step, Hustle, etc.

    Later on, before my first dance, she taught me how to slow dance, how to lead and stuff like that.

    When Swing dancing was really popular in the mid-90’s out here, her and I (with my best friend and his mom) took some Swing classes.

    Even though she had bad knees that would dislocate almost every time she got up and danced, she just loved it too much.

  2. I haven’t been dancing in such a looooooong time! It’s something I love to do even though I don’t do any particular one. I just kinda move with the music and my mood.

  3. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than the freedom of dance. Although I don’t know anything specific, I love the way the music can move you to illustrate its own dance. Someday I would like to have my own private studio in the back yard to dance to my heart’s content. maybe even pick up a few dance techniques. Music is in the soul and the body allows it to speak.

  4. Good salsa dancer, huh? I guess we’ll have to see that.

    I love to dance, although I have to admit that I’ve gotten a little rusty and I’m not really one of those crazy dancers that take over the floor and make everyone go “Oooh… Ahhh” — But dancing is great, it makes me feel free.

  5. I don’t see why some churches are against dancing….but that’s just me. I see it as a way to maybe express something deep inside that you couldn’t with words….

    But I’m crayz like that.

  6. Well, believe it or not, I met my wife through country line dancing! She and I were both going to this club and one day she asked if I wanted to take one of the couples classes that were offered. Two-step, swing, waltz and others. We even appeared on a PBS dance program (I hid in the back with my wife in the front row) =)

    As far as why some Christians are against dancing I can understand. Especially since a lot of “modern” dance is very sexually suggestive. I know many in my grandparent’s generation that are against dancing of ANY kind. I can’t agree with that (obviously) but if you see two college kids grinding on the dance floor you could probably understand…..although I’m not really sure that would be considered “dance” =)

  7. How did you get off my blogroll.

    I haven’t gone dancing in years. I used to love to go to the 80’s night on Saturday at Metropol. It was wonderful.

    What religions frown on dance? My thoughts are they have to be radical sects.

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