Want what you can’t have

Unrealistic expectations have ruined many lives. I have seen it over and over again. Happiness stopped on its tracks, simply because someone wants something that they can either not have, or expect something from someone that that person cannot give.

Several of these cases have happened really close to me. I have seen people go into drugs while waiting for someone to love them, trying to fill that void in their lives with something that at least takes the out of the reality they live in. Personal hells are dark places where pain is self inflicted and help can only come from within.

No I do not want to start the year blogging about something depressing; quite the opposite. I believe that this year will be one of great prosperity for the world; it will also be the year when we cannot turn our back to the climate change. In a more personal note, I believe that this year will come with a lot of changes on who I am. I have changed quite a bit just in the last couple of weeks. I have reconnected some relationships that I thought were lost forever, strengthened some that are going to be long lasting and continue to grow as a person.

I just want everyone to remember that change, true change, comes from within. Having people that believe in you is a great way to succeed, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Stop waiting for others to love you and love yourself. Stop waiting for others to make your life better and take control of your own destiny. Stop wanting for want you cannot have and star not only looking at what you already have, but want you can get. That is how I am going to start my year, out with the old, in with the new.

4 comments on “Want what you can’t have

  1. Happy New Year! I’m happy to learn that you have reconnected with people you care about. Many blessings for you and your loved ones! :)

  2. That is what the new year is all about. Change and moving forward. I had a dream last night that made me appreciate my job and I was glad to return to the workforce. It’s the begining of something good.

  3. I wish the best for you in the New Year. And I hope all the changes are pleasant ones, my friend!

  4. Yeah!!! And stop lying to yourself, because eventually you will believe them! 😛

    ¡Feliz año nuevo Logtar! Deje este año le traen más que la salud buena, sino también el momento de a quién usted es se encuentra a quién usted se supone para ser. ¡Ciao!

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