Dear Barack Obama,

I actually heard your name from one of the most radical conservatives I know, my best friend Travis. He is as far right as right can get, and his concern towards you being elected automatically made me want to know more about this guy that reminded me of a the character Baraka from Mortal Kombat. The more I found out about you, the more I wanted to know, also the more I liked your position and made me think of a dream I have been having since I started reading the Boondocks, to have a black president.

The first person I ever told about you was my blogger friend April, and she was just as excited as I am. She even sent me a video of you teasing everyone before the Bears game (that I had already seen) but you get that there is more than one of us infected with the bug. If I can do something to get you to be president, believe me, I will.

Our country is in trouble. People have lost direction and need a new leader. I believe you cannot just change America but change the world. I have but once piece of advice for you. It sounds so simple but yet it could fix so many problems we are fixing right now. Run under the platform that America should stop using fossil fuels within ten years. I believe this will rid us of a lot of headaches as well as help save the environment.

Even if you do not make this your campaign banner, I would still vote for you. I feel that just making it to the white house would change so much in this society and make people see that our society will benefit from shedding a lot of labels… perhaps when you win, you will not just be known as the first black president but as the man that saved the world.

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Last minute gift ideas

I am not that much of a shopper and during this season I truly dislike malls. The people, the busy parking lots, I much prefer to shop online. Except for one horror story from a friend, I have had excellent luck shopping at Amazon for gifts. The cool thing is that they don’t just have books as you all know and well even a gift certificate is not a bad thing to give. Specially to online friends :)

I have my own wishlist, but this is not about getting gifts for me. I really think that you should give online gift shopping a try. I have done it for my family when I have been away and having stuff shipped directly to them is both convinient and cost effective. A good place to start is the most wished for but there are other places too. Movies are always a great gift for those hard to please people. They partner with ToysRUs and have a great selection of Toys. The best thing is that they are all great deals and well, if you order before Friday the delivery will happen before Christmas. So go shop!


I am not sure how most people are going to react to this entry but I believe in Demons. I have battled many of them a long time and have to be honest, it is harder to fight some of them than others. My biggest demons are fear, anger and guilt. This entry is not about my demons but someone else`s.

A good friend of mine just had the biggest fight of his life with a series of demons. The ones I mentioned above he had to fight all at once. I am really proud of him for doing that, because it takes a real man to face all of the demons at once and come clean. At times the best weapon against all of these demons is trust… trusting those around you can have a liberating effect.

If you feel like you are fighting a demon right now, you should really look around for those that love you and trust them to be that safety net you will need once those demons try to push you out the window. Even the highest falls in our life can be lessened if the safety net of those that care for us is waiting there for us to break the fall.

Warmer Days

Kansas City rocks so much, we had 60’s yesterday and all the snow we got melted away. I like the fact that we can get some warmer days during the winter instead of always being around tons of snow. I have seen all the snow I want to see for the rest of the year, but I am sure we will get some more soon enough.

I still have not taken pictures of the plaza and downtown but I think tonight I might be able to. Good weather might just bring out the photographer on me.

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A life worth living

I have been beat up by life many times. It might sound crazy but now that I have been beat down to the point that I felt like I hit rock bottom I could not feel better. I am able to recognize things I was never able to even see before. The true nature of friendship and fellowship is something that once again makes me feel that life is worth living.

Happy moments don’t define our life anymore than difficult ones. I think how we handle both joy and pain is what defines our character as people and more importantly as humans. One thing that I cannot let go of is hope. My life is not only worth living but worth looking forward to.

It sounds crazy to look forward to difficult times, but with the support structure I have now I feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like I don’t have to take responsibility for my life because I have so many people to relay on, but rather that I have many people cheerleading me into a better future.

I have had some pretty nice personal possessions in the past, and right now I don’t have many. Ironically enough I feel a lot wealthier now than I did before. I will achieve a lot more in the future, of that I am certain. I will carry on living a life that I want those I care about to be proud of.

In the face of despair always remember that you are not alone, even without faith in your life there are many people that will help you through the darkness. In the face of adversity remain strong, that perseverance is rewarded with no only knowledge but wisdom. Always treasure those around you, because what you are worth is not measured by your successes of your failures but by the people you have around.