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NPR (National Public Radio) has a show called This I Believe. It is a series where people submit an essay about something they truly believe, and if they get picked, they get to read it and it gets produced to go on the air.

I have wanted to do an essay for that show for quite some time. I just have a really difficult time finding what subject to do it on. I have so many things to talk about and my belief structure is full of very strong views. Here are some of the titles that I have thought about.

I believe…

My Grandfather was my Mentor
Teachers Shape a Society
I Have Two Cultures
Colombia is Beautiful
My Morals are my Religion
Martial Arts Centered Me
Personality Shaping
The U.S. needs “Ganas”

Maybe I should start developing some of this into entries here before I write the final essay. It would be really cool to make it into the show, but more importantly to find a subject that truly describes who I am. I am not a complicated person but I can be multifaceted. I have incorporated many aspects from different cultures into my belief system while adhering to both the American and Colombian cultures. The who I am and what I believe come hand in hand. At the same time I want to stay away from just using labels as communication tools for what I believe. I want the essay to be something that truly shows as much of who I am as a whole and not just a side of my personality.

Which one of those titles sounds more interesting to you? Do you think any of those might be a better start to “this I believe” than another? Should I podcast them instead of posting them here?

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5 comments on “This I believe

  1. I think that when the time comes and you’re ready to do it you’ll have no problem picking the one that truly suits you. No matter which you choose I’m sure it’ll be great!

  2. I think I would like to hear it all about your grandfather’s being your mentor. You speak of him so fondly and so often, I’m sure there’s a big part of the story you haven’t told.

    And now for the funny comment of the day: You and your freaking podcasts. *Rolls eyes*

  3. I agree with Kelly. I’ve lost count of the stories/writings I’ve begun that I picked up and finished years later.

    The “My Morals are my Religion” one does intrigue me though…

  4. What better way to make it your own than talking about your grandfather. Since he inspi(red) you so much I think it’s the best one. It appears that Bea and I are on the same wave length.

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