Dear Barack Obama,

I actually heard your name from one of the most radical conservatives I know, my best friend Travis. He is as far right as right can get, and his concern towards you being elected automatically made me want to know more about this guy that reminded me of a the character Baraka from Mortal Kombat. The more I found out about you, the more I wanted to know, also the more I liked your position and made me think of a dream I have been having since I started reading the Boondocks, to have a black president.

The first person I ever told about you was my blogger friend April, and she was just as excited as I am. She even sent me a video of you teasing everyone before the Bears game (that I had already seen) but you get that there is more than one of us infected with the bug. If I can do something to get you to be president, believe me, I will.

Our country is in trouble. People have lost direction and need a new leader. I believe you cannot just change America but change the world. I have but once piece of advice for you. It sounds so simple but yet it could fix so many problems we are fixing right now. Run under the platform that America should stop using fossil fuels within ten years. I believe this will rid us of a lot of headaches as well as help save the environment.

Even if you do not make this your campaign banner, I would still vote for you. I feel that just making it to the white house would change so much in this society and make people see that our society will benefit from shedding a lot of labels… perhaps when you win, you will not just be known as the first black president but as the man that saved the world.

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  1. “I believe you cannot just change America but change the world”.
    Dear Baraka (haha I thought of that character too), I probably would vote for you, but I won’t because I’m not an American citizen (and it’s nowhere in my plans to become one). But if you get elected, just focus in changing America, previous tries of Americans trying to export their ‘joy’ to the rest of the world haven’t been that joyful, if you can recall them…

  2. I think your feelings are getting in the way of your intellect my friend. That is a dangerous precedent when you discuss politics.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the Jr. Senator from my state. All I can say is do a little more research. It is easy to talk the talk when you have no record to tarnish you.

    I can say no more. It isn’t worth the effort. Just be careful what you wish for.

  3. On the surface all Politicians look great. That’s what they do best. They’re all chameleons. I’m a moderate and lean Republican but I too began watching Obama. I do not want to see Hillary get the nomination for her party (as do 50% of the country), so Obama is the best choice for now. When they run for President all of their past issues, and skeletons will be shown to all of us. Do your research on all the candidates when it’s time and we’ll see if Obama can withstand the intense scrutiny that will be placed upon him. I to believed in past Politicos that looked like a new beginning, but they withered in the Spotlight.

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