Last minute gift ideas

I am not that much of a shopper and during this season I truly dislike malls. The people, the busy parking lots, I much prefer to shop online. Except for one horror story from a friend, I have had excellent luck shopping at Amazon for gifts. The cool thing is that they don’t just have books as you all know and well even a gift certificate is not a bad thing to give. Specially to online friends :)

I have my own wishlist, but this is not about getting gifts for me. I really think that you should give online gift shopping a try. I have done it for my family when I have been away and having stuff shipped directly to them is both convinient and cost effective. A good place to start is the most wished for but there are other places too. Movies are always a great gift for those hard to please people. They partner with ToysRUs and have a great selection of Toys. The best thing is that they are all great deals and well, if you order before Friday the delivery will happen before Christmas. So go shop!

4 Responses to Last minute gift ideas

  1. Time to update your wishlist… it still lists your shipping address as “Midland, MI”

  2. Updated! and don’t you DARE Mr!

  3. I might start shopping this weekend, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

  4. Lol, money? shopping? Oh yeah.

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