Warmer Days

Kansas City rocks so much, we had 60’s yesterday and all the snow we got melted away. I like the fact that we can get some warmer days during the winter instead of always being around tons of snow. I have seen all the snow I want to see for the rest of the year, but I am sure we will get some more soon enough.

I still have not taken pictures of the plaza and downtown but I think tonight I might be able to. Good weather might just bring out the photographer on me.

6 Responses to Warmer Days

  1. Hmmm… I think you’re buying tickets for a butt kicking. Keep rubbing the beautiful weather in, when Canada’s getting colder by the minute. Insane!

  2. Snow and Ice are the best. I love it. Not really.

  3. You still live in the midwest so you have to accept the weather as it comes. It will be winter soon. Snow is inevitable. How else will we make snowpeople? I’m enjoying this warmer weather as well, but I also keep in the back of my mind the sudden changes that can occur in this vortex. Enjoy the sun while you can, it might be a while before you see it again. :)

  4. It’s been raining here for DAAAAAYS! I love it!

  5. For you, winter hasn’t even started. Up here in Wisconsin, winter lasts six months — as pix illustrate. The meteorology of winter in Wisconsin.

  6. While you find yourself out and about in KC, make sure you hit Falmouth St at (roughly) 76th on the KS side. You will find the craziest Christmas display in the area: a full-size creche next to the garage; the garage is Santa’s workshop with animated electric squirrels, chickens, and elves; the living room is filled with Christmas ornaments; the yard has more electrically-animated creatures; and the roof is loaded with antique displays that might have once been in a traveling carnival. There aren’t as many antique carny displays as there used to be (cost of repair, cost of keeping them lit/moving, etc). As a kid, I enjoyed finding my favorite cartoon characters displayed on the roof.

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