I am not sure how most people are going to react to this entry but I believe in Demons. I have battled many of them a long time and have to be honest, it is harder to fight some of them than others. My biggest demons are fear, anger and guilt. This entry is not about my demons but someone else`s.

A good friend of mine just had the biggest fight of his life with a series of demons. The ones I mentioned above he had to fight all at once. I am really proud of him for doing that, because it takes a real man to face all of the demons at once and come clean. At times the best weapon against all of these demons is trust… trusting those around you can have a liberating effect.

If you feel like you are fighting a demon right now, you should really look around for those that love you and trust them to be that safety net you will need once those demons try to push you out the window. Even the highest falls in our life can be lessened if the safety net of those that care for us is waiting there for us to break the fall.

3 comments on “Demons

  1. It’s amazing you say that. I have a friend who is trying to fight his demons at this time. I’m not going to say I don’t have demons as well. I’ve allowed them to live in my mind for so long it’s corroded. I’m finally realizing I need to deal with them now if I’m going to have any kind of life for myself and my family.

  2. it is bad that some times the Demons can bring out what you truely are.. and other times they make you hide away from everythign you care for

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