A life worth living

I have been beat up by life many times. It might sound crazy but now that I have been beat down to the point that I felt like I hit rock bottom I could not feel better. I am able to recognize things I was never able to even see before. The true nature of friendship and fellowship is something that once again makes me feel that life is worth living.

Happy moments don’t define our life anymore than difficult ones. I think how we handle both joy and pain is what defines our character as people and more importantly as humans. One thing that I cannot let go of is hope. My life is not only worth living but worth looking forward to.

It sounds crazy to look forward to difficult times, but with the support structure I have now I feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like I don’t have to take responsibility for my life because I have so many people to relay on, but rather that I have many people cheerleading me into a better future.

I have had some pretty nice personal possessions in the past, and right now I don’t have many. Ironically enough I feel a lot wealthier now than I did before. I will achieve a lot more in the future, of that I am certain. I will carry on living a life that I want those I care about to be proud of.

In the face of despair always remember that you are not alone, even without faith in your life there are many people that will help you through the darkness. In the face of adversity remain strong, that perseverance is rewarded with no only knowledge but wisdom. Always treasure those around you, because what you are worth is not measured by your successes of your failures but by the people you have around.

3 comments on “A life worth living

  1. I am thankful for the people I have around me and the love I’m given. I cherish the good times and learn from my mistakes. Being human, it’s what we ask of ourselves constantly. Cheers to being human with the power to make choices and living with the consquences they bring.

  2. Oh, logtar–your post has literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m currently in a rotten situation and like you, have been beaten up my life many, many times. And yet I keep getting up over and over.

    Now, I’m just tired. Even all the well wishes, genuine though they are, aren’t enough consolation. I’m tired of putting on a mask whenever I go out that reflects optimism that I don’t feel. My hope is slipping, and I’m desperately trying to hold on to it, to find it again.

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