Missing the Xmas Spirit

Ever since I left Colombia I have missed the Xmas spirit that was so alive over there. Now here in Kansas I see a little bit of it. Chicago used to dress the city up for Xmas but I did not feel it as much as I feel it here in KC. The plaza full of lights makes me feel a little more at home.

Even though I will probably be in Chicago for Xmas I will still feel like KC has a better atmosphere, maybe next year I will get to spend it here in KC or better yet, maybe even in Colombia. So are you feeling the Xmas Spirit yet?

9 comments on “Missing the Xmas Spirit

  1. Not so much this year, surprisingly. I mean, yeah, I’ve decorated and shopped, but Christmas Spirit just isn’t there quite yet. Maybe once the tree goes up… who knows… I’ll just be glad when life gets back to normal 😉

  2. It’s hard to be in the spirit when the man I live with doesn’t care for it. Otherwise I enjoy Christmas to spend time with family and friends.

  3. Bah humbug! LOL! I just can’t stand the whole commercial thing it’s become. Plus, with Brian having lost his job recently, things are especially tough.

  4. No, right now I’m more in the spirit of Final Exams in college, and stuff like that. Although there’s already a lot of lights in the city. Y en el noticiero mostraron Cali de noche y se veía bonito.

  5. Nuh huh… And you know what’s sad? I haven’t felt it in a long time. Being away from my family makes the holidays very “insípidos” for me. First when I was married, I only spent one holiday season in Colombia, and then I came back to Canada to live Christmas alone. I must be crazy, call me Scrooge.

  6. I wasn’t really until Sunday when we had the choir cantata at church. The music was incredible and it all just got me in the spirit….

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