Heroes Muthaf0k@!

If you don’t watch TV, are not in the US(even outside the US, you can now watch! JACKPOT, thanks Daniel! ) or basically have a life outside the boob tube you probably have no clue what I am talking about, but Heroes is one of my favorite new shows. Even though the season is coming to an end, today you have the oportunity to be totally entertained because the SCI FI channel is running a six episode Marathon. Yes every single episode. Now if you totally hate TV and think it is a waste of time, at least check out the graphic novel. It is truly a work of art.

As the story begins you have no clue that this show will take so many twists and turns. It really is a comic book but without the cartoons… its hard to explain how well done this series is. It manages to have so many cast members and storylines and yet make it all work. I want to know what is going on with each one of them. Seriously, check this series out if you have not done so already and if you missed an episode, today at 6/5c.

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9 comments on “Heroes Muthaf0k@!

  1. Dude! Keli and i are completely addicted to Heroes.

    Our jaws hit the floor when they announced that next week is the season finale.

  2. I am clinically addicted to Heroes. I don’t care about any other show during that night. It’s what Trav and I have needed to boost our television entertainment. I know someday it will, “Jump the Shark.” For now it has yet to disappoint. I love Peter Petrelli!

  3. Dang it! I wish I had read this earlier! My friend has been tryin to get me to watch the back episodes so I could catch up and understand…and I just can’t bring myself to watch TV on my computer. Poo. I wish I’d seen this sooner. :(

  4. I think Hugh Jackman is missing. Oh wait… This isn’t the X-Men, LOL! I watched the videos you sent me the links for. Really cool! Too bad I have a horrible aversion to TV.

  5. Je, yo aquí he visto los episodios que el tiempo me ha dejado. ¡Y es muy bueno ese programa!

  6. It’s just the fall finale next week, not the series. Most of the shows are taking “official breaks” between now and February (the next sweeps month). I love this show too, though the only character that doesn’t do much for me is Niki/Jessica. I read an article in Entertainment Weekly, where the creator really had to watch himself in not mimicking other superheroes from other comics, but really, how many powers are there?

  7. im watchign the reruns on SciFi as I don’t watch much tv anymore unless im home alone drinking

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