Owning cars is such a hassle. First they depreciate faster than perishable items, heck they are perishable items. On top of that, anything wrong with them can cost you an arm and a leg. On top of all of that, you have mechanics that want to rip you off every single chance they get.

I like having a local guy to go to, but moving to a new city is a fresh start and the search begins for a reliable shop. So, the Streets of Kansas City ended up not being very nice to the “Panter” yes without the H, but that is a whole Spanish inside joke (The monty is black) that is not for everyone, LOL. I got a pretty nasty hole on the side of one of my tires. Nothing can be done to repair it so it had to be replaced.

So I go to a place that is right next to where I work thinking, sweet I don’t have to go all over to get this taken care of… and what happens, the guy tries to rip me off. He wanted to charge me $275 just for the tire. Mind you, these are Z rated tires and expensive. Thankfully I called around and found a place where I will be going back to next time I need something done. They gave me the same tire for $167. They were helpful, friendly and just overall a place where I felt I was not being ripped off.

6 comments on “Mechanics

  1. Try being a man who barely owns any tools, is totally devoid of any mechanical aptitude who doesn’t like working on cars. =(

  2. Hmmm… Tire talk. I guess I better make good use of those winter tires that are vegging in the storage room. I’m still waiting for the snow, though.

  3. There’s always a mechanic who wants to rip someone off. There’s ALSO always someone who ends up getting ripped off — that’s why they stay in business. ((LOL))

  4. The worst is also not knowing anything about cars and then trying to figure out what’s a good price or not.

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