Friday Meal Replacement

So today I go to my usual Friday meme’s page and the author is taking a vacation… Qua, how can this be possible… people in the internet don’t take vacations. So, without a meme I am left to come up with my own. I had fun with the Looney Lunes :) but now here it is the Friday Meal Replacement… call it the slim fast of memes.

1. When was the last time you drank a full glass of water, and do you drink water regularly?

2. Name one food that you do not even put in your mouth.

3. You have an awesome meal… but you don’t know what kind of meat it was… after finding its an exotic animal what do you do?

4. What is the weridest thing you have ever eaten?

5. Would you eat a Madagascar hissing cockroach for money? … how much would it take?

Come out and play! Link back :)


1. It has been almost a week, but I will try to drink one today. I love water and drink it at work when I don’t need caffeine.

2. Cow Stomach.

3. I would ask what part of the animal it is :)

4. Cow brains.

5. I would… I say 10K

6 comments on “Friday Meal Replacement

  1. 1. I drank a full glass of water at my desk, then went and refilled. Working on my second of the day. I tend to drink little else but water.

    2. Sushi

    3. Burp and move on.

    4. Frog’s legs

    5. Nope….

  2. 1. Last glass of water: Last night. And yes, I drink water regularly. Too much sometimes. Obviously not today…
    2. Easy: Oysters. Nasty!

    3. Get upset. Green Peace forever!

    4. Bat. It tastes like chick’n!

    5. Roaches? No way!

  3. 1. Just this morning at my desk. I drink about three glasses at work, and 2 bottles at home. It’s rare that I have much else besides water.

    2. Crawfish. *shivers* Can’t stand food with heads still attached.

    3. Ask for the recipe!

    4. Gator and goat.

    5. Not for all the money in the world. Now, Matt, that’s another story. He’ll stand on his head in a bucket of poo for money. 😉

  4. I’ve posted mine on my site. What’s with answering in the comments, people? Memes are for link-whoring…geez. Click over! 😉

    Good one, Logtar!

  5. 1. A few hours ago for lunch, I always drink 2 full glasses of water during meals sometimes even more.

    2. Asparagus

    3. Shudder then shrug my shoulders

    4. Balot which is essentially a dead chick

    5. No thanks

  6. 1. Yesterday/Yes

    2. Liver/ a McDoald’s burger (they’re disgusting)/ Bugs

    3. Take note and order some more!

    4. Mmm… Dunno, I guess a flower I ate the other day. or spicy thai squids.

    5. Only if I really need the money.

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