Back to the Gym

The last couple of nights I have actually done some push ups and crunches. However today I woke up early and actually got out to the Gym. I have not done it in a while, and it is the right time to start up the routine again. I am not sure how religiously I will start doing it but I do hope it starts getting pretty consistent.

I don’t like diets, I love food and the only option I have is to exercise as much as possible so that my metabilism stops thinking that the Y2K actually affected it. I swear I am still carrying weight from the 2000 holidays. Oh well, maybe this is the beginning of my weight loss… we’ll see.

4 comments on “Back to the Gym

  1. Here’s hoping that the exercise kick starts your metabolism! I know that once I get our equipment set up I need to start exercising myself. I’m like you…I love food and can only hope that exercise helps to counteract what I eat! lol

  2. I’m with ya! I’m trying to go every day this month to prove that it can be done. I love food, too. I also know it is my downfall. You can still enjoy the flavors of food, but Americans have to remember protion control.

  3. You’ll get there! Just log an hour at the gym everyday, and you’ll start seeing results.

    The best thing I ever did for myself was got a personal trainer.

  4. Portion control is your freind, man. Seriously, learning about serving sizes and how to stick to them..huge help.

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