Couple of amusing conversations

This one was forwarded to me, a coworker and one of our clients had a conversation about my custome…


I loved the shoes on Nacho LIbre.


He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of those shoes yesterday



They look like a pair Mike found at Off Broadway shoes. We were cracking up……Taupe snakeskin and they made his feet look like really long sleds.

ROFL… and then, I could make a blog about all the conversations I have with my friend Daniel… maybe they are not that funny, but I think they are always freaking hilarious… this was one from today.

DeGuia: sorry, was on the phone with the boss.

DeGuia: while doing so, Mason ate all the chips off my plate

logtar: LMAO

DeGuia: now he’s mad that I won’t give him my replacement chips

logtar: LOL

logtar: he has an addiction

DeGuia: yeah, it’s called food

logtar: really

DeGuia: that boy LOVES his food

logtar: what level is he at? piggy, goat or garbage disposal

DeGuia: Goat.

logtar: LMAO

DeGuia: i’d say garbage disposal but there’s actually a thing or two he won’t eat

3 comments on “Couple of amusing conversations

  1. Actually, I’m disappointed because the shoes are not white. And yes, one day I’ll stop nagging you about it. 😉

  2. Interesting exerpt today, sir. I had to read it a couple times to fully encompass your world.

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