Nachooooo Libre

Logtar as Nacho Libre

Well might as well put to good use the mask that came with the DVD…

P.S. The movie is not a must buy, maybe a drunken rental…

9 Responses to Nachooooo Libre

  1. ROFLMAO — That’s hilarious! I still think the white boots are missing, though.

    Feliz Día de las Brujitas!

  2. That made my day. I’m the only one who dress up so far in my office. I’ll have to send a picture later.


  4. So why’d you buy it if it’s not a must buy?

  5. It’s a must buy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. =)

  6. LOL! Now that is a great pic! Happy Halloween to ya!

  7. Niiiiiiiiice!

  8. That mask suits you fine! LMAO

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