Eddie Izzard

He is my favorite comedian and I actually do not mind that he dresses up as a woman… if you have not seen him, watch this clip and rent Dressed to Kill… he will not dissapoint you.

7 Responses to Eddie Izzard

  1. awesome!

    My favorite comedian is Henry Rollins when he does his spoken word stuff.

  2. Holy new theme, Batman!!

  3. He’s oooo-kay. ;) Too dry-cynical for my taste. Nice new theme you’ve added.

  4. Me gusta más este template que el anterior. Bueno y el tipo es gracioso. Yo el otro día vi fue a un tal Carlin, creo, hablaba de Prefijos y aviones- entre otras cosas- muy bueno el tipo.

  5. Hey! When did you go changing your layout without my permission? LOL — I like it better.

    And yes, Eddie Izzard’s too funny.

  6. I’ve seen him before and he’s hilarious. I keep forgetting that he’s dresssed like a woman. It doesn’t matter!

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