Taken for Granted

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Some years ago something horrible happened. An eight year old very close to my family became very ill with a nervous system disease and ended up living a shorter life than he ever should have. My Mom was very deeply affected by this event and has ever since reminded me that life is short and I should not take it for granted.

I am a dreamer and think that life should be lived happy every single day. While I understand how unrealistic that is I also believe that it is a good goal to have. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, daily laughter should save as a trip to the therapist.

I have to agree with Socrates on his statement that you have to examine your life to make it worth it. It is important to look at your life and make sure that you are within your morals and beliefs as much as possible, and make sure that you are striving to achieve the goals you set.

We have all heard the quote “You don’t know what you have until is gone.” But to understand is true meaning you really have to have suffered a true loss. In the past couple of years I have lost some people very close to me and every single time it has reminded me not to take things for granted. Counting your blessing should be part of your daily routines, because you never know what tomorrow brings and it is important to appreciate and not take for granted all that you have.

5 comments on “Taken for Granted

  1. I do believe you’re as happy as you want to be. Maybe I’m less of a dreamer and I certainly know life never makes it possible for us to be happy all the time; it depends on you to take every thing as a learning experience and that’s what makes all that happens to us worth it.

  2. Sin tristeza, sin dolor, sin sufrimiento, no existe la felicidad, es pura teoría de los opuestos de Heráclito.

  3. Now, that is a very true statement. BRAVO Socrates. Isn’t it a trip, I mean, I wonder if he ever knew his writings would last so long?!

  4. very true. Ive lost two loved ones last month and this month. and now, i cherish everyday more than before. You have to experience the loss before you actually understand it.


  5. i lost my cousin recently in a freak accident as well as my brother and grandmother a few years back. so i can definitely understand that life is always about this moment and how we embrace it. we should live each moment as intense as how it fits you but still maintain a detached sensibility from this fleeting existence.

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