Patriotic little bird

The U.S. has the mighty Bald Eagle, Colombia has the Andean Condor, national birds can be a beautiful symbol of determination, tenacity and a huge source of pride. Now British and Colombian scientist have discovered a new spicies of finch.

Yariguies Brush-Finch

This little bugger is actually wearing the Colombia flag (Como la ve!). I say that he will give the Condor a run for its money with the Colombian pride side, however a Condor can probably just make a snack of the little bird. Cool nonetheless. (originall posted over at Proyecto Colombia).

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2 Responses to Patriotic little bird

  1. No había caido en cuenta con lo de la bandera. Excelente detalle!

  2. A condor? Holy smokes!! That bird looks like it can open up a can of whoop ass!

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