“Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”
Mark Twain.

This has been one of those topics that I have not been able to truly flesh out but I feel that it needs to be talked about. If you have not see this video about how easy it is to bypass most locks, that is one of the digg top links, you need to before you keep on reading.

Scary, isn’t it? The thought that what you think makes you safe is really not all that secure. I personally feel that like with computer security, it is only a matter of time and someone’s persistence to get through any type of security. If it was made by man, it will be broken by man.

Our country runs on fear right now. We are so afraid of terrorism that we have changed the way we think. I remember how many people would use the line “keep on living just like before of the terrorist’s win.” but look at your life now and see how much it has changed. Starting with gas prices, airport security, police procedures and the military conflict, our life in the U.S. is a lot different after 9-11 and the terrorist did just what they intended to do, they terrorized us.

What is worse is that the majority of the population in this country was so already full of fear before even 9-11. I am not a Michael Moore fan, but his documentaries as propaganda filled as you might want to consider them do have some interesting ideas. I remember one of them being the locked door piece of one of their documentaries. He goes to Canada to see if it is true that most people there don’t lock their doors, and the movie showed that several people did not. Now, that could have been just movie magic, but from personal experience I know that if the doorbell rings in a house in the U.S. everyone is surprised and almost startled by the premise that someone is at the door.

Back in Colombia you would have a parade of people come through your door at any given day. People would show up to visit for an afternoon unannounced all the time. You knew who your neighbors were and security came on the way that you knew everyone in your block, not from ADT. There was a couple of times when someone made the mistake of trying to steal around our neighborhood in the middle of the day and ended up getting pretty beat up and tied up to a post for the police to come and pick them up. Would you feel more secure if you had a united neighborhood always looking out for you, or the paid friend you make out of ADT?

While it is true that we have the internet available to get all the international news we want, most of America still does not get a fair world view from the news media. Perfect example is how Newsweek feeds their U.S. readership a story about a Celebrity Photographer and the rest of the world a story about how the Taliban is gaining control of Afghanistan again. It seems like in this case the media was trying to protect us from fear or maybe since the Taliban is not using a tumble key to open our door it should not be news.

Fear is a powerful emotion and right now I believe our country is being dominated by it. The things that we should be afraid of must people are not even aware of. I guess as long as we are scared about “terrorism” but can go back to seeing what celebrity got a DUI this week, or who broke up and hooked up, everything will be ok.

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  1. It’s a catch-22 because I think most of our fears stem from actual exepriences. Just last Friday night, my next door neighbor came to tell me that he found a strange guy on his patio that had to climb and walk through mine. It gave me the creeps to think of someone on my property without me knowing. So, if I don’t lock my door, and something happens, am I think “asking for it?” I totally see your point, but I think we all want to avoid the worst, I guess.

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