Disgusted by KC local politics

I am new to the area, and while I don’t have a ton of time to read up on the political landscape I do want to be informed. I had not started reading blogs or political candidates to the senate websites yet when I started to see on TV something that turned my stomach. Claire McCaskill has an ad where she begins the smear campaign that is almost a staple of today’s politics, then today I saw Jim Talent’s ad for the fist time. If I was the kind of person that voted from just what the TV ads say, right now I would feel like neither of the people can do the job.

Since when is better to just make the other guy look bad rather than making yourself look good? Politicians promise a lot of things and when they deliver, they gain credibility. I have not even looked at their political affiliation and I already feel like flipping a coin to decide who to vote for. Maybe the local Kansas City man that is annoying Oprah so that she will run for President in 2008 is not so crazy after all. At least we know where Oprah stands.

I remember the last presidential election and see that it was a lot of the same. Even the mayor newspapers in America turned into celebrity like gossip columns to see who could dig up the worse smelling dirt. Some of you might argue that it does not even matter since the next elections is going to be hacked anyway.

I am not sure if going back to the empty promise ads is the answer, but making informed political decisions is important in a democratic society. Why do we have democracy if we don’t even have a clear view of what we are choosing? I guess is back to picking just a mascot and voting for whoever the donkey or elephant is standing behind on or on top of depending on how you look at it.

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One comment on “Disgusted by KC local politics

  1. That’s politics for you. I wouldn’t worry about it. Nobody really cares or watches that crap. Almost nobody votes midterm elections anyway. Those who do vote usually do so along party ticket lines. Basically, those ads are for those last-minute undecided voters. Those are actually the ones that decide on crap like that. Those idiots that can swing the vote by the ‘margin of error’ scare me more than the candidates themselves. If you can’t decide, don’t vote. I’d much rather just pick a side than make a decision based on how I feel a certain day about a certain TV ad. Ugh. What a candidate says doesn’t even matter anyway. They are still pretty much forced to vote along their party lines. If they don’t, they don’t get support at the next election. It’s a corrupt member’s only club. That’s why, given the choice between the two evils, I choose the Conservative side. It may be unpopular at the moment, given all the bad publicity lately… but do we really want the alternative? Eeek!

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