Logtar’s Podcast 21

Logtar’s podcats today cohosted by Mr. Daniel DeGuia! Woohoo celebrating the ability to now drink the podcast does mention beer more than once. So give it a listen.

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6 Responses to Logtar’s Podcast 21

  1. Have a Mac?

    We’re sorry…;)

  2. So…where’s my t-shirt? :-) We definitely have to get together for a hack day when you’re back in town.

    Don’t have a Mac? I’m sorry… :-)

  3. Your shirt is right here

  4. Nice! I might just have to go for some of those logtar mood panties… ;)

  5. I’m wearing a those right now….

  6. I want a logtar tshirt. It’s my reward for listening to that entire podcast. jk :D

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