La Camisa Negra – The Black Shirt – Juanes

La Camisa Negra – The Black Shirt – Lyrics Translation

Music & lyrics by Juan Esteban Aristizabal (Juanes)

Tengo la camisa negra
I have this black

hoy mi amor esta de luto
today my love is mourning

Hoy tengo en el alma una pena

I have a pain in my soul

y es por culpa de tu embrujo
and its all because of your spell

Hoy sé que tú ya no me quieres
Today I know that you don’t love me

y eso es lo que más me hiere
and that is what hurts the most

que tengo la camisa negra

that I have a black shirt on

y una pena que me duele

and this pain that is hurting me

mal parece que solo me quedé

it looks like I’ve ended up alone

y fue pura todita tu mentira
and everything was your lie

que maldita mala suerte la mía
what dam bad luck of mine

que aquel día te encontré
in the day that I found

por beber del veneno malevo de tu amor
to drink of that evil poison of your love

yo quedé moribundo y lleno de dolor
I was left dying and full of pain

respiré de ese humo amargo de tu adiós

I breathe in that bitter smoke of your goodbye

y desde que tú te fuiste yo solo tengo…
and since when you left I only have…

tengo la camisa negra
have this black shirt

porque negra tengo el alma

because black I have my soul

yo por ti perdí la calma
because of you I lost the calm

y casi pierdo hasta mi cama
and almost even lost my bed

cama cama caman baby

bed bed come on baby (play on words)

te digo con disimulo
I say to you carefully

que tengo la camisa negra
that I have the black shirt

y debajo tengo el difunto
and under I have the deceased

tengo la camisa negra

I have the black shirt

ya tu amor no me interesa

and your love does matter

lo que ayer me supo a gloria

what yesterday tasted like glory

hoy me sabe a pura
todays tastest like (play on words) (Mier..da is Shit, when he says Miercoles which is Wednesday he is insinuating something else)

miércoles por la tarde y tú que no llegas
Wednesday afternoon and you are not here

ni siquiera muestras señas
You don’t even show me signals

y yo con la camisa negra
and I still have the black shirt

y tus maletas en la puerta

and your bags at the door

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2 comments on “La Camisa Negra – The Black Shirt – Juanes

  1. Muchisimas gracias! Para mis estudiantes en los cursos de espanol en Odesa, Ukrania, esa traduccion es un tesoro. No podia traducir la cancion sola :)

  2. Dear Logtar,

    thank you so much for this translation. I was trying to find a translation into German, but nobody seemed to be able to understand the subtleties of this text. Great you added the explanations!

    You do not, by any chance, think of further translations of Juanes´ lyrics? 😉

    Grateful greetings from Germany,

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