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I am not the sports nut that Big Orange Michael is, but I actually was glued to the TV last night after finding out that my Chicago Bears (yes I am a huge Bears fan), not only won yesterday, they beat the Green Bay Packers 26 – 0. If you know nothing about football, or Wisconsin vs Illionios (we call them cheeseheads; and they they wear it proudly… they call us FIBs F4%king Illinois B4stages), all you need to know is that the rivalry between these two teams is pretty deep.

I think that it is time for Favre to retire, the guy does not only look tired, he looks like the painkillers have taken its toll. Even though I had never liked him because he is a Packer, I always thought he was an excellent player. He should have gone on top, not everyone is Michael Jordan and capable of coming back to win one more time. (I only count is comeback as a Bull).

My second team of choice now, the Chiefs, lost their QB Trent Green to a pretty ugly hit. They said the is ok, even though he cannot remember the play that he got hit. The play is said to be investigated because the was on his way to the ground when he got hit. The Chiefs then seemed pretty stunned and their offense pretty much fell apart. The last 4 minutes of the game started to look like a comeback to be quickly deflated by a poorly played onsite kick. The Chiefs gave the game to the Bengals in a final score of 23 – 10.

Other notable scores from yesterday include Baltimore also beating Tampa bay pretty badly 27 – 0, Atlanta dominating Carolina 20 – 6, and my old local team the Tigers almost pulling a way from the clutches of the Seahawks 9 – 6.

In other sport news Federer continues the dominance of his sport with a spanking of Roddick for the U.S Open, he had 17 aces vs only 7 from Roddick. Federer is known for his ability to returns tough serves, and Roddick for his excellent service so it is significant that Federer dominated the serve. Federer is being compared to Tiger Woods since they are both on the top of their individual sports. They actually met for the first time before the final. They are both very impressive athletes.

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5 comments on “Today in Sports

  1. I just happened to call my friend at the end of that game (she’s from Wisconsin) and said the same thing about Favre. He should’ve retired a few years ago, when people realized that he was still playing.

  2. I love football. I can’t play it, but it’s fun to watch. I am the ultimate armchair quarterback.

  3. I definitely agree with you about Favre. He needs to retire.

    Though I’m a big Bears fan, I have to admit that I’m a bigger Buckeyes fan and we beat Texas on their home turf! Yay!

  4. Favre should have hung it up…cause Green Bay is in dire straights right now. He should walk away while he can instead of staying around and tarnishing his memory…it’s sad really.

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