Survivor Battle of the Classes?

Here I am complaining up a storm about how the new season of survivor is going to segregate the first tribes based on race, when there is actually something worse out there. After thinking about it for a while, I see this purely as a publicity stunt since eventually they will merge the tribes. Good or bad it will be an interesting train wreck to watch. Then I find out that Colombia has its own version of survivor… and get this, they separate their teams by social class… lower, middle and upper… and not just for the beginning of the show, but for the whole show.

Talk about building walls to divide people. I wonder what survivor would look like if you pit together celebrities, Midwest blue collar workers and minimum wage people against each other. I know who I will put my money on, but I will let you guess. I have not had a chance to watch the Colombian survivor yet, but I am almost tempted to have my family tape it for me. Why is it that our society allows TV producers to play social experiments with race, marriage and family just for the sake of viewers?

I am not sure if boycotting TV all together is the solution to the problem, but more and more I am starting to feel like TV as a form of entertainment is not just making us consumerist and dumber but also bigoted and isolated. Believe me, some of those shows are super interesting to me, and it will be hard to unplug… have you ever caught an episode of wife swap, its just too entertaining to turn the channel.

I cannot forget the many times that a conversation with someone that had never been around a “Latino” before started by having to break down the stereotype that I was not, a migrant worker, a drug dealer, a gardener or something of that nature. Its difficult to make people believe that not everyone in other countries has chickens and pigs in their backyard when Hollywood portrays any trip to South America as a flight in an old cargo plane full of farm animals. I kind of never got that, why would the US send chickens and pigs to South America? Now wonder that people are that isolated in America if their window to the world is TV. Don’t even get me started on geography.

Bogota’s (Colombia’s Capital) Governor was very upset when the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith starting Brangelina portrayed his city, which by the way has it own wiki and more culture than you can shake a stick at, as a little town where there was a constant military present on the street. Well, I think that more officials should be upset at a game show that tries to make class separation or race separation even more prevalent than it already is. There is such a thing as stupid pride, I have no problem when pride its rooted in your culture or heritage but if it is just “race” pride it becomes a little ridiculous. As I told my friend Travis, a republican white boy from the Midwest, “You have NOTHING in common with a white person from California or New York.” Maybe we should start new social groups; I will start believing that all people hazel eyes are superior. Just be careful what you are proud off, you might not want to associate with some of the people that wave certain banners.

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6 comments on “Survivor Battle of the Classes?

  1. Sounds to me like Bogota’s governor needs to get his panties untwisted. His city was in the movie for, like 10 minutes. IT’S A MOVIE!!

    If it werent’ for that movie, I wouldn’t even know that Bogota was an actual place.

  2. I think that sometimes you just gotta let idiots be idiots. People will see how pathetic all of this is.

  3. I guess that a completely isolated and clueless hi-class socialite came up with the idea, and Colombia being so rigid in its structures, nobody could even argue against the stupidity, the crass injustice, the insult that the mere suggestion is.
    How much Colombian TV is an insult on the poor, perpetrated by the rich? I recall one episode in which all these people simply make fun of a sad Shakira wannabe.
    Worst, though, is that so few people are protesting it.

  4. Hey, thanks, I have hazel eyes. 😉

    I think the method of separation in both shows is pretty rediculous. It’s sad what broadcast companies will do for ratings.

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