Mother nature pissed?

The Crocodile hunter was killed by a sting ray. I always respected the guy’s brave attempts to cheat death even though I did think that some were closer to stupidity than genius. When the guy took his pregnant wife along for some of the dangerous shows I thought it got a little ridiculous.

The guy did bring entertainment and some education into the lives of his fans. I feel bad for him and for his family. I guess he left us doing something that he obviously loved. R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

5 Responses to Mother nature pissed?

  1. Can’t ask for more than having your number called doing what you love.

  2. and that’s a big amen… 😉

  3. Do you know how many people have told me today at my house that “at least he was doing what he loved”? lol. It’s a trip how much people have in common, even from a distance.

  4. Emma was upset to learn that her favorite animal guy was killed. Although she knew he did dangerous stuff all the time, he was her hero. I also think it’s one of the many reasons she wants to work with animals herself.

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