Rabbit, Rabbit!

I don’t like being supersticious, but I can be. I remember hearing about the first of the month say rabbit, rabbit be the first thing you say the first of every month from GiggleChick a while back, but I could never remember to do it. Today Michael posted about a very interesting thing that appearently has been going on for about 3 years. I am going to participate as much as I can… I will probably just do a little snippet per post. I think than more than being supersticious a little positive thinking will bring better luck.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/1)***
Knowing that I have the internet as a means to communicate with my family and friends that are sooo many miles away.

Weight Challenge Redux

Candy was our biggest loser the first go around. I got a new job and that just made the whole process a lot more difficult. I am still commited to losing weight and now that I am stablishing new routines it is the best time for me. There has also been some interest from new participants, so the weight loss challenge starts again today! August 1st. If you want to participate e-mail me your weight today. The weigh in’s are going to be on Mondays for the next 8 week’s. Lets see who can lose the most this time!