Did I move to the right place?

I think so :) the town we live in is #6 on the best places to live in America. Check out CNN Money’s article on best places to live.

Here is a snippet!

Envisioned as a “parklike” bedroom community on the outskirts of Kansas City more than 100 years ago, Overland Park has gone to the second-biggest city in Kansas, with more than 160,000 people spread over 57 square miles. A third of Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area, including Sprint-Nextel, which employs 14,500 locally. Competitive salaries (the average income is nearly six figures) can buy you a whole lot of house: Existing homes sell for half (or less) of the cost on the coasts.

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Talladega Nights (***)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby does suffer from movie trailer disease, but I believe that it does do an overall good job at entertaining. I was expecting a little more, but overall Will Ferrell delivers. Ferrell has the capability of playing a complete moron in such a believable way it is outstanding. I cannot wait to see him on a dramatic role or a serious interview, I am sure the guy has to be pretty intelligent.

Ricky Bobby prays only to baby Jesus, if you want to pray to bearded Jesus he does not have a problem, but he chooses to only pray to baby Jesus. I find this highly amusing, and feel that I should follow it. I should pray to only baby Jesus from now on too. ***Warning*** this is not a movie to take your kids too, it is rated PG 13, and as tempting as it is to take your kids after seeing Ferrell on Elf, just be mindful of the crude and sexual humor, language, drug references.

The story gets and interesting twist as French Formula One Driver sponsored by Perrier enters the NASCAR world. All the French jokes you have ever heard before are wrapped into one character, and surprisingly it entertains. Ricky Bobby has to recover from an accident, more mentally than physically.

The racing and special effects all looked spectacular. It is obvious that NASCAR was onboard with the movie, even though I admit that more driver cameos would have been better. Maybe because I don’t know much about NASCAR and I only recognized Earnhardt Jr. maybe there was a lot more cameos that I missed. Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, Daredevil) does an excellent job with this comedy and continues to impress me as an actor.

The movie was entertaining, and overall worth the price of the movie ticket. Don’t worry too much if you have to wait for it on DVD it should still make you laugh then.

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Talladega Nights.

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Unpacking 65% done

We are probably not going to unpack every single box; thankfully we have a pretty big basement that is going to be our storage unit. When moving, never go from a bigger place to a smaller place, man do we have lots of extra stuff. The townhouse has 3 levels, the basement, the main floor and the upstairs where the bedrooms are at. The main floor is looking excellent after the weekend. We have the TV and computers all set up, and have gotten rid of a lot of the boxes that needed to be unpacked. Besides the kitchen I think we are almost done unpacking the main floor. Upstairs is not looking too bad, but there are still tons of things that I have to “put together.” I really need to find my drill charger or my arms are going to fall off from using the screwdriver to put things back together.

We also had some pool time this weekend. It is great to have a pool just a couple of steps away. It is going to be hard to move from here without having a pool for sure. I say in about 3 weeks we should be all unpacked, or at least done with everything we plan on unpacking. Hopefully we will not lose anything in the process.

I have am also starting a new workout routine. I woke up today and did about 30 minutes of cardio and about 10 minutes on the weight machine. I am hoping that it really helps me out. Today is weighed in day, so if you are participating on the challenge, don’t forget to e-mail me or leave a message on the weight loss page so I can update your progress.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/5)***
Blockbuster having both of the movies we were looking for in their return box.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/6)***
Having KC Masterpiece BBQ at a KC Masterpiece restaurant.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/7)***
Half-asleep good bye kisses.


“Don’t dare to be different, dare to be yourself if that doesn’t make you different then something is wrong.”

I think every single human in the world experiences the pain of being different at some point in their lives. A lot of people chose to try to be “normal” and “fit in,” and I do not blame them one bit. Being different is something that takes courage, being different means that you have to truly believe in yourself to the point that what others think truly does not matter.

In our society, instead of celebrating uniqueness, tries to kill it. Free thinking is always considered subversive. Our kids have enormous pressure at school to be like everyone else. Expressing our thoughts is not encouraged in our society, just look at music, TV and Movies; we see repetition of the same “formula” over and over. Are we willing to compromise innovation for the sake of normality?

I love the quote above. It really takes over the whole uniqueness idea and it really makes it work. When someone tells you, be yourself, it can be a complicated thing, but it should feel good. That is how I measure things for me. If someone cares to be my friend, they will have to accept me how I am, they can still have their opinions, but they should respect who I am. If you feel judged when you talk to a friend, then that person is not your friend. Even during disagreements or when someone is trying to give you advice, there should be a level of acceptance on their message. No matter how different we are from each other we should all accept each other and celebrate our uniqueness.

As always, what does the quote mean to you?

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/4)***
Reading the following quote and thinking of my wife.

“A true man does not need to romance a different girl every night, a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life”
-Ana Alas

My imaginary friend hates your imaginary friend.

Religion is at the center of the war in the Middle East, come to think of it, the war on terror is also fueled by a certain level of Christian vs. Muslim mentality. So why aren’t we all Buddhists?

Even though I was raised Catholic and have attended several protestant churches, I am still a free thinker. Yes, you read that right, I am implying that religion takes away free thinking capability… and that is because the message is often misinterpreted and the two most important messages are lost in the dogma. Free Will and Love are the most important messages in the bible and most bible thumpers totally miss that message. I am also sure that the Quran has similar messages about how we need to take control of our own destiny and love one another.

Debate is dead in today’s society. We all think we are right and believe that everyone else is wrong, stupid or just incapable of comprehending the “truth” we have found. Why would I want to shove Jesus down someone else’s throat? Why would Jesus want to be put into that position? I am always torn when I hear about “missionaries” the warriors that set themselves as fighters in the war against ignorance of the “word.” Let’s take a remote village in Asia, no name, no country… but they practice a religion that has been passed down from generation to generation not for hundreds of years but thousands. A missionary comes from his 50 year old denomination church and tries to tell these people how they should live their spiritual lives when they come from a country that has in my opinion lost all sense of morality.

I do agree that great things are done in the name of God. Some of those missionaries do go and spread smiles on kids, bring education, schools and health to remote places in the world. But give me a break, don’t tell me that everyone in this planet needs to believe what we believe… specially from a religion that in the history of religions is almost a fad. Yea, I am a little bitter towards some of those “evangelical” “everything is evil” churches that are protesting soldiers funerals or telling us that the world is going to end. I believe that it displays religion at its worse, even at the same level as Hezbollah. It is sad to see people as sheep following an ideal that is painted by man and not by God. When you have to get the “Will of God” second hand you are in trouble my friend. If your religions leader is telling you that he is the only one capable of interpreting either scripture or “God’s message” RUN!

You should be able to read the word and interpret it yourself. If you are weak enough to have to let someone else how to live your life, I don’t look down upon you, however I feel that you eventually need to get up and take control of your own life. There are times when religion can help someone confused find the way… even though I belive that is the role of “family.” If you don’t have a family and are looking for direction the turning to religion is ok by me… but don’t follow someone else ideals, become a free thinker and exercise your right to free will. If God did not mean for us to be curious, inventive and explorers, he would not have given us a brain capable of all of these things.

If your religious leader tells you that you should kill others, ask him when the last time was he killed a couple of people for the “cause”. I am always amazed at the level of commitment some of the people that joining these religious “cults” get to. Some alienate their family and friends… some end up strapped with explosives to their bodies just because there “leader” has a violent imaginary friend.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/2)***
Having my wife tell me that I make her life better.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/3)***
Waking up in the middle of the night and …

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