First Pro Football Game

Yea, the American kind. Ty and I went to see the Chief’s beat the Rams. Sadly, I was not too impressed by a live football game. Surprisingly enough the game actually seems to stop for the commercials… is this like reality TV?

The other thing that did not help was the people that decide to get up and obstruct your view at every play. I have no problem when someone gets up after a play, but not during, or for periods of time… the seats are there to be used. There was also an unpleasent smell.

Now the good things that I have to say about the game is that Chief’s fans are really into the game. They scream, they are loud and it is something that you can get suckered into for sure. Overall it is a great time, I think that watching it from a private box will be a better experience.

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  1. No, please don’t describe the smell!! :)

    I’ve been to a Lions vs. Bears game and sat in the nosebleed section before. I think I witnessed at least two fights and one guy throwing his beer into another guys face. I’m not sure anyone was actually watching the game. I don’t know how good your seats were but that might have something to do with the attitude of those around you….

  2. Wll if they were planing the lions, the stench you were smelling might be the lions offense.

  3. Ummm..of course if stops for commercials. What’d you think happened–they just kept playing? LOL

    You went to a pro, pre-season is no where near as AWESOME as God’s house on a fall Saturday when the greatest college team EVER is playing…

  4. Yeah, definitely try to hit the games that aren’t being televised for they will be much faster than those that are. And, pre-season is also much different because they often don’t play their best players, or if they do, not for very long.

  5. I think if you watch it from a private box.. “life in general” is definitely being a better experience than for the rest of us common earthlings.

    Btw, my guess is you go to a game, not to “see” the game, but to enjoy the environment with thousands of think-alikes for a moment.. like in Concerts, the sound is usually bad, but the experience of “being there” is what makes it worth more than three times the cost of a Concert DVD.

  6. Never use the first time at a NFL game as the deciding factor for every game. Every game is a different experience.

  7. I went for both the environment and the game… the thing is that the game was very hard to watch with people getting up. It was also hard to see the plays even when not obstructed by people standing up. I don’t know if watching it from home is better or not… I enjoy watching soccer games and of course I will wait to see an actuall regular season game.

  8. Well, football is, by far, better than soccer coudl ever hope to be…

    Cause it’s just the superior sport…:)

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