Tuesday is Choose Day

Yes this is another lazy post… why well I have no time because I am working, having family issues and just overall without the real brain power that takes to write an actual post… so here is a meme

Would you rather
have your own food network tv show OR your own show on NBC?
This is kind of hard, the food network is cool, but a sitcom sounds more like something I could do for a while.

sit on 100 pounds of ice for an hour OR be lectured at about your illicit behavior by a priest and your parents?
I don’t mind talking to a priest or my parents, and since I am such a good boy the illicit behavior talk would be minimal!

be attacked by a swarm of mosquitos OR a gang of squirrels?
Squirrels are freaky scary, but I think that would be better than mosquitoes… what are squirrels anyways, just rats that climb trees

be a strict vegan OR hard-core atkins diet follower?
Atkins, got to have some meat… I’m a PETA member, People that love Eating Tasty Animals.

If you ever want to play this meme go to tuesday is chooseday

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