Survivor Season Cancelled?

The debate over the new season of Survivor heats up. New York officials are protesting the “tribes.” Will it be possible to stop a season of Survivor from being broadcasted?

While the producers are trying to sell this season’s decision to introduce race as the dividing factor for the first tribes as a simple move aimed at addressing complaints that there had not been sufficient ethnic diversity in previous series; I cannot help but feel like they are trying to pull the “race card” out of their sleves to get more ratings. Could this backfire on them?

I am curious to see what happens. I want to see if they all get corresponding buffs, he Hispanic American’s getting the Brown bufs… oh, there is going to be so much stupidity that can be derived from this. I am not sure if this will end up being as much of a big deal as I think it might. Maybe I should not really pay that much attention, after all it is just Survivor… right?

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8 comments on “Survivor Season Cancelled?

  1. Ya know what though…these people signed up to be on the show. If they were aware of how it was going to be set up then that was their choice or once they found out they could’ve walked. Makes me glad I don’t watch it…sounds like now they are doing whatever they can to stir up some controversy to keep their show at the top.

  2. I’m sorry but when networks and studios try these ridiculous publicity stunts to boost ratings, I can’t help but smirk when they back-fire.

  3. They need to push forward on this. I don’t watch Survivor, but I might now.

  4. It is for a reason like this that I will stop watching the show. I have been trying to stop watching for a few seasons but my wife draws me back in. Welll since this publicity stunt has her miffed as well I guess the cycle will end. Down one more household Mr. Burnett.

  5. Even (OR specially) if they promised to shot each other in genocide I would not watch… well, I don’t dislike the show.. I just don’t have cable. Oh! But CBS is not on Cable…. well, I don’t follow TV Schedules too much anyway… but I AM SO EVER GRATEFUL to Survivor for shooting two seasons ago in paradise, er Guatemala.

    And btw, my first comment was satirical, bc anybody should be able to watch or broadcast whatever they choose to. After all, TV is for fun, right?

  6. The thing that gets me the most about this is how many people are judging this without seeing it in the context…

    I am not sure about it, but am wiling to give them the benefit of the doubt until the first episode airs or leaks out on-line….

    And I hate to tell y’all this but the eight o’clock hour lost its status as family hour years ago….

  7. Ummm… I don’t know what Survivor has to do with Due Process… don’t you guys mean the 1st Amendment?

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