Survivor battle of the races?

The buzz this morning in several places has to do with the new Survivor. I admit that I watch it because someone else puts it on, but I am not that interested. I have only watched about 3 seasons and never really every single episode. The rumor is that as Survivor begins the 20 contestants are divided into races. Four groups, White, Hispanic, Black and Asian.

Even though this might offend people, will it turn fans off? For me it brought up a bigger question. Is this something that I should let my child watch?

Today’s TV is full of filth and even though we have a lot of control with the DVR, Survivor has always seemed like one of the cleanest shows overall. It is exciting to see the competition, but can the message of do everything you can to win even cheat and lie something I want my child being a part of?

Last season was great. A lot of people tried the honesty route, and even though they still played the game they did not necessarily compromised their morals for the game, at least not completely. That was cool to watch and I believe good lessons can be learned there.

Now this whole premise of a race survivor comes up. My child being in a mixed race environment has a lot of things to learn and be aware of. Can the separation of races really teach him that the ultimate goal is equality and unity? When Carlos Mencia in his comedy show did the Race Stereotype Olympics I thought it was hilarious… why am I so worried about survivor?

Races in a small geographical location are very different from one another. A Hispanic person from Chicago is a lot different from someone from Texas, and that is not even taking into account the original nationality of the Hispanic person. I believe the same goes for a lot of Asian people. Someone for Korea is a world away from someone originally from China or Vietnam. A Black person from Tennesse is also a lot diffeerent than someone from Chicago… you get my point. Can drawing race lines even on a national show do anything positive?

I am hoping that is the case. I am hoping that we see some positive things come out of Survivor and that it ultimately breaks some stereotypes instead of perpetuating them.

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9 comments on “Survivor battle of the races?

  1. I understand your concerns. I’ve not heard anything about how the tribes are divided this time around but it sounds like they’re trying to find a hook for this series. Will it work or should it be done? I’m not sure….

    Anyway, having been a Survivor fan for a while now, I can say that this whole breaking down into four tribes may only last one episode. Look at last time when we had four tribes for one epiosde and then merged them all into two bigger ones. It maybe a stunt to get some buzz going early, but I bet if it does happen it won’t last that long…

  2. I dunno, I am so tired of everybody having to be the same and homogenus. We forget that what sets our country apart from the rest of the world is that we are a melting pot of different cultures and religions all celebrating the freedom to be different. We are not all the same. If you want that, go live in a Communist country.

  3. Travis,

    You have NOTHING in common with a white guy from California. I agree we are not all the same, and that is what the show is trying to do… by dividing people by race they are trying to say if you are from the same race you are the same… I don’t agree with that.

  4. Well put. And you also have nothing in common with a white guy from California. I completely agree that splitting up by race is a bad idea. It may even be worse to break the typical steretypes if the blacks aren’t good athletes and the asians aren’t good problem solvers. That may do as much harm as perpetuating them. It’s really a no-win situation.

    It’s not going to change anyone’s mind. It’s only going to cause more people to complain. And for no good reason either. Because we all know that it doesn’t mean anything in the long-run.

  5. We tried it once, it’s called Jim Crow and segreation . . . oh wait, that’s right, this country is STILL segregated trying to “survive”.

  6. Great food for thought. Race is somthing we cannot afford ourselves to not see. I mean, is the first impression we have of a person, and how many others initially see us is based on that. However, impression is different from judgement or prejudice.

    If a TV show makes it such a hot topic that you feel forced to discuss such a touchy issue with your kids, my guess is that the TV show has helped in “having the talk at home” sooner than later. Just the fact that you have had those concernes and ideas published right here in this post, is something to thank Survivor for.

    It’s not about agreeing dishonestly, it’s about respectfully disagreeing.

  7. I understand what you are saying, but competition between races is nothing new. This past summer we had the World Cup of Soccer. Is that not similar as when a team from Africa plays Japan? Anytime there is a world event such as the Olympics it always involves different races vying against each other in one form or another, its just not advertised that way. That said, I dont know if it is a good idea or not but once the teams merge it will be evident at that time.

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