Freaking Headache

I almost feel like just chopping my head off so it can stop hurting… my back also hurts like there is an alien crawling between the muscle and my ribs… all stress related, all will pass in due time, all for the experience of having projects be your responsability.

In other news, I had a wonderful weekend with my family, even though I had to work we still managed to laugh and hang out. I hope everyone had an excellent weekent.

2 comments on “Freaking Headache

  1. I get stomachaces and my insides just crawl all around when I’m stressed. Hm, must be the same alien jumping from person to person cause he’s been inside me fairly constantly for a while.

    I suspect they’re some mutant species breeding inside of us, feeding on stressful emotions. When they feed, they do a happy dance and cause us to be unhappy.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend! Hope the aliens dies a horrible death soon. Maybe mine will too, someday.

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