Hardware Challenged!

Yes, I admit it, even though I can probably name every product in RadioShack and tell you what it does (it helps that I worked there before and that I am a total geek.) If you take me to (insert name here) hardware, I am totally lost. I am no Tim “The Tool man” Taylor. The only think that kind of helps me save some face is that I do know hot to work on motorcycles and I did replace an alternator on an older car before. I am also very capable with wiring and did work as an electrician’s helper during a summer. Besides that I suck at painting, carpentry, plumbing and anything else that has to do with being a handy man.

I admit it, I have a kind of jealousy and dislike for man that can look at a bolt and say, that is a 3/4 inch reverse thread whatever else. I would be the kind of guy that walks into the hardware store and says, I need a bolt and a nut, and when the attendant asks me what size I will turn into a mime. Granted, I do have the excuse that the English system is messed up and that I grew up with the metric, but in reality I am totally challenged when it comes to hardware.

During the last move, I have lost a lot of the hardware for the furniture and there are two big pieces that we cannot put back together until (a) find the hardware or (b) I go to the hardware store and get new nuts and bolts. To complicate things, I misplaced the charger for my power drill so I will be doing this by hand. I know, sad isn’t, I am dreading turning screws…

If by hardware I was talking about the jumpers on a hard drive to make it master or slave we would be all good. If you wanted me to rewire your whole house, I probably could. I knew there was a reason that Tim Allen’s laugher (Ho, Ho, Ho) was like nails to chalkboard to me, and that is because I could never be the tool man he was, at least on that show. I still think that Tim Allen is a tool.

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3 comments on “Hardware Challenged!

  1. You don’t have to perfect at everything. I coulnd’t 1/4 of the things you do on a computer. I’m on a need to basis. When I don’t need it anymore I forget it. My role as a mom keeps my mind filled.

  2. LOL. Okay, in this case I have to brag . . . my husband is good at fixing almost anything including computers. The only things he’s not all that in is software . . . of which you’re good at. Go figure.

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